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Sodium Prices
commercial grade; regular grade; technical grade; low calcium grade; fused solid; brick; coated powder; dispersion; and reactor grade (99.95% minimum purity).
Sodium is mainly used as metal refining scavenging agent (mainly for silver, zinc and lead); polymerization catalyst; coolant; and heat transfer agent. It is also used in the manufacturing of vapor lamps, photoelectric cells and batteries.
arsine; carbaryl; clodronic acid; hexane-3,4-dione; paraquat dichloride; potassium sodamide; sodium bicarbonate; sodium t-butoxide; sodium carbonate; sodium chlorate; sodium chlorite; sodium cyanide; sodium ethoxide; sodium hydride; sodium hydroxide; sodium methoxide; sodium peroxide; sodium pyruvate; sodium sulfide; tetraethyl lead; tetramethyl lead; tetra-n-butyltin; titanium; and triphenylphosphine.
  • Sodium chloride (Downs process)
  • Sodium hydroxide (Castner cell electrolysis)
  • Sodium carbonate (hydroxide or other sodium compounds) (thermal reduction)
Sodium (a.k.a. Na ) is an alkali metal element, with atomic number 23, a member of group 1 of the periodic table. It is a silver color, soft, waxlike material at room temperature, reacting vigorously with water and oxidizing rapidly in air. Sodium in its free form is not found in nature due to its high reactivity, but it can be found as a component of different minerals. Metallic sodium was first isolated in 1807, but production started only in 1855. Currently, sodium is the best-known alkali metal, with application in a great variety of industries and processes. Its commercial interest arises from the metal’s high chemical reactivity, good thermal and electrical conductivity, low melting point, high boiling point and high value in use.
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Sodium Prices

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