Intratec products are available through REST web API, which lets subscribers access data by sending HTTP requests to Intratec servers.

Intratec API facilitates the secure and efficient exchange of data between applications, delivering Intratec data directly into your ERP or proprietary systems. Designed for easy and quick set up, Intratec API enables updating of data sets across existing databases, custom models, and systems, empowering your team to collaborate and make informed decisions quickly and effortlessly.

Seamless Integration

Integrate data directly into your own systems and applications for streamlined workflows

Complete Coverage

Access the most up-to-date data, along with archives of monthly historical data

Workflows Automation

Compatible with workflows built with Microsoft Logic Apps, N8N, Zapier and other orchestration tools

Easy & Quick Set Up

API follows consistent standards familiar to developers, making it easy to set-up

Be the First

Access up-to-date data firsthand, within seconds of publication

Boost Data Analysis

Enrich your Power BI reports by integrating them with Intratec API to access ready-for-analysis data

Subscribers, benefit from extensive API User Guides and Documentation that provide detailed instructions and best practices.