Specialty Chemicals Industries


This industry encompasses everything from synthetic or natural chemicals containing active ingredients designed to have pharmacological effects to material used in this industry. These substances may be used, for example, in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of diseases, as well as for the restoration, correction, or modification of organic functions.

Companies interested in information related to commodities from this industry can greatly benefit from Intratec products. We offer best-in-class reports examining production costs of technologies employed in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. In addition, we also provide a database covering water & utility costs in several countries.

Check below for commodities belonging to the Pharmaceuticals industry and products offered by Intratec to empower companies to make accurate, high value-added decisions.

Reports & Databases

Plant Construction Indexes

Indexes for adjusting the construction cost of industrial plants over time, covering 33 countries

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Production Costs

853 professional reports detailing capital and operating costs of manufacturing processes

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Energy Price References

Global prices of electricity, natural gas, coal, naphtha, ethanol, propane and 7 other energy commodities

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