Oil & Energy

Oil & Energy

The improvement of human well-being through economic development has always been linked to energy consumption, which is sourced from various forms, including fossil energy – such as oil, coal and natural gas - and renewable sources like wind, solar, geothermal and hydropower.

Over the past century, the global consumption of oil and gas, specifically, has experienced a spectacular growth due to the ease with which these resources can be discovered, produced, transported, processed, and utilized. However, the oil and gas industry is currently facing a number of disruptive trends and challenges, such as energy production from unconventional sources, climate-change policies and competition from non-fossil energy sources, among others. That makes it even more important for companies to remain informed.

When it comes to Oil & Energy, Intratec offers best-in-class reports and multi-featured databases, which provide up-to-date cost analysis and key information related to this industry. Check below for products offered by Intratec that can meet your needs!

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