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Intratec Primary Commodity Prices

Reliable Prices of 259 Commodities Worldwide

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Intratec Primary Commodity Prices are provided as an annual subscription where subscribers have access to trustworthy and independent pricing data of 259 commodities, grouped into 8 sectors, in multiple countries.

Subscribers can track the current prices of the commodities they are most interested in, as well as analyze historical prices and forecasts, in a user-friendly graphical tool that allows them to compare trends and download data as Excel or PDF files.

Intratec Primary Commodity Prices are produced from official foreign trade government data that are collected and processed automatically with the use of artificial intelligence. When official data is not available, they are estimated using robust mathematical models that are continuously updated by our experts. All data made available to subscribers are reviewed by our market analysts to ensure the reliability of the prices provided.

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Commodity Prices in up to 8 Industries

Alcohols & Organic Acids

33 Commodities Included

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41 Commodities Included

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Current Monthly Prices

Track current commodities prices. New data releases at the beginning of every month

Prices History

Check monthly prices of commodities worldwide, since 2007

Price Forecasts

Get forecasts for selected commodities , covering a rolling 9 months forward

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Download data (PDF, Excel, CSV) and chart images (PNG, JPG)

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Prices in Multiple Countries

For each Commodity, monitor price series in 5 Countries on average

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