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Ethylbenzene Price History

Historical & Current Prices in United States and Belgium

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About Ethylbenzene. Ethylbenzene (also known as EB) is an aromatic hydrocarbon and one of the most important large-volume commodity chemicals. It is used virtually exclusively as an intermediate for the production of styrene, raw material for polystyrene, which is a common plastic. Industrially, the main production route of ethylbenzene is the alkylation, in liquid-phase or vapour-phase, of benzene with ethylene.

Chart Description. The chart above presents indicative transaction prices for bulk quantities of ethylbenzene for the countries listed below.

  • Belgium: export price, FOB (recent three months are preliminary)
  • United States: export price, FOB (recent two months are preliminary)

Due to the small ethylbenzene trade involving countries in North America and West Europe, ethylene and benzene prices fluctuations are used to estimate ethylbenzene prices in these regions (specifically, in the USA and Belgium). The prices estimates are based on data reported in official trade statistics issued by the indicated countries. Additionally, such prices are indicative and do not necessarily characterize particular contract prices, spot transactions or spot bids in the locations specified.

When the release of official statistics of a given chemical is delayed, preliminary prices may also encompass estimations made by Intratec. Such estimations are based on prices fluctuations of (i) main raw materials employed in the production of that chemical; and/or (ii) main products manufactured from that chemical.

Finally, prices are expressed considering the International Chamber of Commerce’s Incoterms (FOB - Free on Board;; CIF - Cost, Insurance & Freight; DEL - Delivered), which indicate which costs that price includes. Unless otherwise stated, prices do not include Value Added Tax (VAT). All figures are quoted in US dollars per metric ton (USD/mt).


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