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The Trusted Source of Strategic Knowledge of the Commodities Sector

In operation since 2002, Intratec is a leading provider of commodity strategic data and analyses. Our mission is to provide reliable information about the commodities, empowering our customers to make accurate, high value-added decisions.

Our AI-driven reports and analyses present independent, trustworthy data so that our customers can focus on what they do best. Our website is an e-commerce resource where customers easily learn about Intratec offerings and promptly order what they need.

Intratec’s products focus on key information surrounding commodities such as prices, trends and forecasts, as well as cost structures of production processes. Our expertise spans the following commodity sectors: Oil & Energy, Fertilizers & Gases, Olefins & Derivatives, Aromatics & Derivatives, Alcohols & Organic Acids, Inorganic Chemicals, Polymers, Food & Nutrition, Metals & Mining, Pharmaceuticals and Water & Utilities

Uses of Our Reports, Analyses & Data

Learn Prices Worldwide

Identify Price Trends

Assess Procurement Performance

Understand Production Costs

Estimate Plant Costs

Analyze Costs Regionally

Develop Feasibility Studies

Screen Investment Options

Evaluate R&D Potential

Intratec is proud to be the originator and editor of the Chemical Engineering Magazine's monthly "Technology Profile" column that helps readers better understand critical aspects of specific chemical process technologies.

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