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Ferrous Scrap

Raw materials and the respective production processes employed in the manufacturing of Ferrous Scrap are listed below.

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Data Legend. The price chart shows the prices in USA Dollar per metric ton (USD/mt) in 5 locations, as follows:

  • US: United States, spot, del
  • EUR: Europe, spot, fob, United Kingdom
  • SEA: schreded, South Asia & Oceania, spot, cfr, India
  • NEA: Northeast Asia, spot, cfr, Taiwan
  • MDE: Middle East, spot, cfr, Turkey

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Plans Starting at $299 USD /year

Price Dynamics. The price in United States increased during November 2018 to 311 USD per metric ton, which represents a slight rise of 0.3% compared to the previous month’s value. On a year-over-year basis, prices in United States decreased modestly by 2%. Meanwhile, in United Kingdom, the average price of amounted to 320 USD per metric ton, from 328 USD per metric ton one year earlier. On a month-over-month basis, the price in United Kingdom is 0.6% lower than the price one month before.

The price of in Taiwan rose slightly throughout November 2018, reaching 343 USD per metric ton.  The price in Taiwan is 2% higher than the average price in the previous month and 17% higher than the average price one year before. In contrast, prices in India decreased modestly during November 2018, reaching 348 USD per metric ton, which means a decline of 1% from the previous month’s price and a decline of 3% from the previous year’s price. 

The prices in Turkey experienced a modest decline of 4 USD per metric ton from the prior month's price, to 329 USD per metric ton. Such price movement in Turkey meant a decrease of 1% on a monthly basis and a decrease of 3% on a yearly basis.

Raw materials and the respective production processes employed in the manufacturing of Ferrous Scrap are listed below.

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