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Request New Production Cost Reports

Intratec has a broad portfolio of more than 900 reports, which is constantly growing. However, there is still a multitude of manufacturing processes not yet examined in our portfolio: from emerging processes for the production of green chemicals to proprietary processes developed/licensed by specific companies.

Intratec supports companies interested in any manufacturing process not yet covered in our reports. We can provide detailed Production Cost Reports focused on processes defined by the customer. Our reports support companies in the development of crucial studies, including:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Techno-economic analysis
  • Conceptual projects
  • Capital investment estimates

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Customize Production Cost Reports

Sometimes our customers need more than the report and optional features offered – they need customizations of some analyses presented or extra studies, complementing the original report. Examples of report customizations/complements we can provide include

  • Analyses of an integrated industrial complex (with 2 or more production processes)
  • Analyses of specific process units inside an industrial plant
  • Risk analyses and economic & technical sensitivity studies
  • Economic, financial and process simulations
  • Material balance and preliminary equipment sizing
  • Analyses based on different economic & manufacturing scenarios

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Ask for Prices, Markets & Industrial Plants Data

Our customers may also need additional data necessary for performing internal studies and analyses. In such cases, Intratec team can quickly provide Microsoft Excel files with:

  • Chemical prices found in specific regions (history and forecast)
  • Chemical market data – supply, demand and trade figures, market segments, key producers
  • Information on chemical plants in operation
  • Information on planned capacity additions / shutdowns

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How do We Conduct Services to Benefit Our Customers?

To be able to effectively meet our customers’ needs and expectations, we offer a set of online services based on the following pillars:


Focused Services – we only offer a specific set of services in which our team has solid expertise; this enables us to charge affordable rates, and deliver in short timeframes


Online Sales – all selling process is carried out online and objectively – we promptly offer our best prices and do not engage in negotiations; payments are made via credit card


Remote Development – we conduct services remotely, which allow us to cut unnecessary travel/meeting costs


Objective Communications – all communications are made via email; this makes things clear and avoids misunderstandings


No Confidential Data Exchange – we do not request confidential information from customers; they can easily incorporate Intratec’s data and analyses into their own studies