Customize Production Cost Reports

Sometimes our clients need more than the report and optional features offered – they need customizations of some analyses presented or extra studies, complementing the report. Examples of report customizations/complements we can provide include:

  • Analyses of an integrated industrial complex (with 2 or more production processes)
  • Analyses of specific process units inside an industrial plant
  • Risk analyses and economic & technical sensitivity studies
  • Economic, financial and process simulations
  • Material balance and preliminary equipment sizing
  • Analyses based on different economic & manufacturing scenarios (e.g. raw materials country sources, product destination market, specific infrastructure needs)

It is important to highlight the cost-effectiveness of this online service offered by Intratec. Customizations/Complements of a Report typically cost less than USD 5,000, and are delivered in about 2 weeks.

If you need a customization of any Intratec Report offered, please tell us what you need in a Request for Quotation