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Intratec has a broad portfolio of more than 900 reports, which is in fact constantly growing. However, there is still a multitude of manufacturing processes not yet examined in our portfolio: from emerging processes for the production of green chemicals to proprietary processes developed/licensed by specific companies.

Intratec supports companies interested in any manufacturing process not covered in our reports so far. We can provide detailed Production Cost Reports focused on processes defined by the client. Our reports support companies in the development of crucial studies, including: feasibility studies, techno-economic analysis, conceptual projects and capital investment estimates.

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We encourage you to simulate an order below. You will quickly get an idea of the affordable rates charged by Intratec for developing such reports and supplemental analyses, as well as the short development time frames required.

All reports to be developed assume that the industrial unit is located in the USA.

In order to estimate the budget of the report it is important to understand the extension of the process under analysis, we estimate it based on the amount of reaction steps.

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