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Analysis Basis: United States   |   2018 Q2   |   52 pages   |   Online Viewable Report Delivered in PDF Format

This report presents an up-to-date, detailed cost analysis (based on 2017/18 economic data) of Allyl Chloride production from chlorine and propylene. The process examined is a typical chlorination process. In this process, hydrogen chloride (32 wt%) is generated as by-product.

The economic analysis provided in the report targets a United States-based plant and discloses:

  • All costs involved in starting a new industrial plant (capital investment):
    • Cost of construction:
      • Main process units
      • Surrounding infrastructure
      • Contingency
    • Additional owner’s costs
    • Working capital
    • Plant commissioning and start-up
  • All costs surrounding the production of Allyl Chloride:
    • Raw materials acquisition & utilities generation (manufacturing variable costs)
    • Labor wages, maintenance, operating charges, overhead, taxes and insurance (manufacturing fixed costs)
    • Administration, research and product distribution (corporate overhead costs)
  • Relevant technical coefficients:
    • Raw materials consumption & products generation
    • Labor requirements
  • Process block flow diagram
  • Description of the industrial plant:
    • Main process units
    • Site infrastructure

Key reference(s): (1) "Allyl Compounds", Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, 2005; (2) "Allyl Chloride", Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology, 5th edition

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    Capital Investment Details

  • Plant Construction Cost Breakdown per Discipline
     |  Download
    • Get a more detailed perspective on the Plant Construction Cost and understand the impact of direct construction costs and indirect construction costs.
    • The analysis presents the plant construction cost divided in direct costs, indirect costs and contingency.
    • Direct costs broken down into bare equipment, equipment setting, piping civil, steel, instrumentation & control, electrical, insulation, and painting.
    • Indirect costs are divided in engineering & procurement,construction material & indirects, general & administrative overheads and contract fee.
    • Buy this optional analysis for USD 149
  • Economic Analysis for Different Capacities
     |  Download

    Analysis depicting how the economics of the process is impacted by the plant scale. This study considers alternative capacities and present, for each scenario, the following figures:

    • Plant cost, broken down into process units (ISBL), process contingency, site infrastructure (OSBL) and project contingency.
    • Working capital and additional capital requirements
    • Variable and fixed operating costs, as well as depreciation
    • Remaining components of product value: corporate overhead and return on capital employed (ROCE)

    Purchase the report in the 'Download PDF' format and also get an interactive spreadsheet in which the user may define an alternative capacity and check the change of the above mentioned figures.

    Buy this optional analysis for USD 149

  • Infrastructure Cost Breakdown per Pieces of Equipment
     |  Download
    • Report presenting a percentage breakdown of the investment necessary to the erection of the site infrastructure (also known as outside battery units, OSBL, or offsite facilities), per storage facilities, utilities facilities and auxiliary facilities.
    • Buy this optional analysis for USD 299
  • Project & Construction Implementation Schedule
     |  Download
    • Know upfront a preliminary project implementation schedule, encompassing the period from the decision to invest to the start of commercial production.
    • Schedule divided in (1) Basic Engineering, (2) Detailed Engineering, (3) Procurement, (4) Construction, and (5) Plant Start-up.
    • Buy this optional analysis for USD 199
  • Production Cost Details

  • Utilities Consumption Breakdown
     |  Download
    • Detailed assessment of utilities consumption, presented per utility (e.g., steam, cooling water, electricity.)
    • View utility consumption rates per unit of product generated.
    • Know the share of each utility in the total utility costs.
    • Buy this optional analysis for USD 199
  • Economics for Another Plant Location

  • Economic Analysis in a Country of Choice
     |  Download
    • This supplemental analysis provides capital and production costs related to the process examined in a selected country (e.g. the United States, China, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Japan and Brazil.)
    • It reproduces the whole economic analysis of the main report (Capital Cost, Operating Costs, Product Value and Process Economics Summary) for the selected country.
    • Know the production cost for another country with the same level of detail of the main report.
    • Buy this optional analysis for USD 499
  • Technical Details

  • Process Flow Diagrams & Equipment List
     |  Download
    • Schematic representation of relevant operations of the process, indicating main process streams, equipment and utilities.
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  • Support

  • Technical Support Package (All responses are provided exclusively via Email)
    • Clear questions with the experts who wrote this report.
    • All responses are provided exclusively via Email.
    • All inquiries are provided by Intratec Support Team in 3 business days.
    • The support is available for 14 days after report delivery.
    • The support is limited to 4 man-hours from Intratec Experts (equivalent to 6 specific questions about the report and optional analysis ordered).
    • Buy this support package for USD 499

* Optional Analyses will be delivered as downloadable files only for those who purchase the report in the 'Download as PDF' format Allyl Chl E11A.

All samples presented cover Polymer Grade (PG) Propylene production from ethylene and raffinate-2 using a metathesis process.

Although these samples do not cover the specific industrial process in which you may be interested in, they clearly demonstrate, in advance, the type of information you will get when you order each optional analysis.

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This report presents an analysis of capital and operating costs of a United States-based industrial plant.

For those interested in economic assessments considering other plant locations, Intratec offers optional analyses that complement this report.

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  • Report Introduction: This report presents an up-to-date, detailed cost analysis (based on 2017/18 economic data) of Allyl Chloride production from chlorine and propylene. The process examined is a typical chlorination process. In this process, hydrogen chloride (32 wt%) is generated as by-product.
  • Report Price: 799
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  • Report ID: Allyl Chl E11A
  • Report Title: Allyl Chloride Production Process - Cost Analysis
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  • Chemical SEO Name: Allyl Chloride
  • Analysis Period (YYYY QX): 2018 Q2
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  • Report Year: 2017/18
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