Production Cost Report
Bio-Butadiene Production from Glucose

This report presents an up-to-date, detailed cost analysis of bio-based 1,3-Butadiene (BD) production from glucose syrup using a direct fermentation process. In this process, a 70 wt% glucose-water syrup is used as raw material in an anaerobic fermentation step for Butadiene production.

United States
Butadiene E42A
It presents the economics of bio-based 1,3-Butadiene (BD) production from glucose syrup in the USA using a fermentation process. Different from the report “Butadiene E41A”, this report examines an anaerobic fermentation process.

Bio-Butadiene Production from Glucose

Cost Analysis Report | Butadiene E42A

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This report presents a cost analysis of a United States-based industrial plant. You can add an extra cost analysis, for another plant location (country), during the order process.

This report presents an up-to-date, detailed cost analysis of bio-based 1,3-Butadiene (BD) production from glucose syrup using a direct fermentation process. In this process, a 70 wt% glucose-water syrup is used as raw material in an anaerobic fermentation step for Butadiene production.

This report, Butadiene E42A, is a best-in-class examination of Butadiene production, providing in-depth, comprehensive techno-economic analysis of the production technology examined, including:

  • Process Description: raw materials and utilities consumption, products generation, labor requirements, list of equipment, characterization of site infrastructure, process flow diagram (PFD).
  • Capital Cost Analysis: costs of plant construction, working capital, owners' costs, commissioning, start-up and contingency.
  • Operating Cost Analysis: variable costs, fixed costs (salary, benefits & maintenance) and corporate overhead costs.
  • And much more . . .

Report Content

Key Process Information

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Assessment presenting relevant technical coefficients, accompanied by process description:

  • Raw materials consumption
  • Products generation
  • Labor requirements
  • Main process units description
  • Site infrastructure description
  • Block Flow Diagram

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Capital Cost Analysis

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Analysis depicting all costs involved in starting a new industrial plant (capital investment):

  • Cost of construction
    (main process units, infrastructure, contingency)
  • Additional owner’s costs
  • Working capital
  • Plant commissioning and start-up

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Utilities Consumption

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Detailed assessment of utilities consumption:

  • Utility consumption rates per unit of product generated.
  • Share of each utility in the total utility costs.

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Operating Cost Analysis

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Analysis depicting all costs surrounding the production of chemical:

  • Raw materials acquisition & utilities generation (variable manufacturing costs)
  • Labor wages, maintenance, operating charges, overhead, taxes and insurance (fixed manufacturing costs).
  • Corporate overhead costs

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Implementation Schedule

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Preliminary project implementation schedule, encompassing:

  • Basic Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Plant Start-up

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Capacity Analysis

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Analysis of process economics for alternative plant capacities:

  • Plant costs of construction
  • Working capital
  • Variable and fixed operating costs
  • Depreciation
  • Corporate overhead

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Process Flow Diagram

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Schematic representation of relevant process operations:

  • Main process streams
  • Main pieces of equipment
  • Main utilities consumed

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Construction Cost Details

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  • Process unit (ISBL): cost for each functional unit (e.g. distillation, reaction, evaporation)
  • Infrastructure (OSBL): cost for each storage facility, utility facility and auxiliary facility
  • Costs for plant construction, per discipline

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Included Content:

Key Process Information

  • Raw materials consumption
  • Block Flow Diagram
  • Technology Readiness

Capital Cost Analysis

  • Costs of construction (process units, infrastructure, contingency)
  • Working capital, owners' costs, commissioning and start-up

Operating Cost Analysis

  • Fixed and variable costs
  • Overhead

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All Basic Content Plus:

Capacity Analysis

  • Capital and operating costs breakdown for different plant capacities

Pricing Basis

  • Main prices considered in the analysis (raw materials, by-products, utilities)

Utilities Consumption

  • Breakdown presenting utility consumption rates (steam, cooling water, electricity, etc.)

Implementation Schedule

  • Schedule including duration of major project phases

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All Extended Content Plus:

Process Flow Diagrams

  • Schematic representation of relevant operations of the process, indicating main process streams, equipment and utilities.

Construction Cost Details

  • Breakdown of process unit (ISBL) costs
  • Breakdown of infrastructure (OSBL) costs
  • Plant construction cost breakdown per discipline (bare equipment, equipment setting, piping, civil, steel, instrumentation & control, etc)

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have questions about this report . . . is there a more detailed description of its content?

Sure! You can actually examine this report and learn about its content by browsing its preview, in which you will see report table of contents, analyses excerpts, report development methodology, etc.

Also, for a full understanding of our production cost reports, we highly suggest you download samples of full reports, available for free! They clearly show the type of information you will get from Production Cost Reports, as they share the same structure and depth of content. Register Now for a free at Intratec website and get immediate access to Production Cost Reports samples!

What are the differences among the basic, extended and advanced versions of Intratec reports?

Each Intratec report targets a specific production process, and is available in three different versions: basic, extended and advanced.

The basic version describes the industrial plant, including main process units and site infrastructure, and presents an independent analysis of capital and operating costs.

For those needing more in-depth, comprehensive analyses, Intratec offers the extended and the advanced versions.

The extended version includes everything of the basic version plus an extra appendix, in which it is presented the following analyses: Economics of Different Capacities; Utilities Consumption Breakdown; Construction Implementation Schedule.

Finally, the advanced version includes everything of the extended version plus another extra appendix, in which it is presented: Process Unit Cost Breakdown per Equipment; Infrastructure Cost Breakdown per Equipment; Plant Construction Cost Breakdown per Discipline; Process Flow Diagrams.

Can I purchase just a chapter or an appendix of a report?

Please keep in mind that significant portions of our reports are intended to fully explain concepts/assumptions utilized throughout the study; thus the content of all chapters/appendixes often reference one another.

That being the case, Intratec only sells reports in the three aforementioned versions, basic, advanced and extended. We do not sell report excerpts.

If I purchase a basic version of a report, can I upgrade it to another version later?

Yes, within 2 months after you purchase the report, you can order an upgrade! Just contact to request the upgrade. We will then send you a direct link to that custom order, through which you will be able to conclude the purchase.

Do you sell reports without being updated? Can I purchase out-of-date reports from the reports store?

Intratec's policy is to always provide its customers with relevant and up-to-date Production Cost Reports, which serve as timely and well-founded cost analyses. Therefore, once a customer orders a report, the Intratec team reviews and refreshes market figures and techno-economic parameters presented in that report before delivering it. This way we ensure that our customers will always have up-to-date reports, reviewed in light of relevant references that eventually popped up since the report was first developed.

In this context, kindly note that Intratec does not sell out-of-date reports.

If I order a report, will I be able to obtain answers to questions I may have about it?

Customers interested in having questions answered must order advanced versions of reports, which includes Technical Support via email. The support provided refers exclusively to the content of the report purchased. Responses are provided in 3 business days.

How are Intratec reports delivered?

Intratec reports can be delivered in three formats: as online PDFs; as downloadable, non-printable PDFs; and as downloadable, printable PDFs. The delivery format is according to the version of the report: Basic Versions are delivered as online PDFs, Extended Versions are delivered as downloadable, non-printable PDFs and Advanced Versions are delivered as downloadable, printable PDFs.

After Intratec team updates a report ordered, it is made available either for online access or for download in a private area at Intratec website. Reports delivered as online viewable reports will be accessible for 365 days after report delivery, in a private area at Intratec website.

I need an economic analysis, like the one presented in the report, but for another plant location… could you provide me that?

Yes! For each report, Intratec Offers an optional analysis called "Cost Analysis in Another Location" Intratec offers, for each report, an optional analysis called “Cost Analysis in Another Location”, which presents capital and operating costs of an industrial plant identical to the one discussed in the report but located in a country selected by you.

This optional analysis has the same structure of the report (chapters include Capital Investment, Operating Costs, and Process Economics Summary). The costs presented in US dollars (with the assumed exchange rate for local currency).

You can select this option when you order any report.

Can I share Intratec reports?

The sharing of Intratec Report and its content is according to the version of the report, as follows:

The customer who purchased a Basic Version is allowed to share it exclusively with co-workers from the same institution or corporation, who also work at the same country.

An Extended Version may be shared with co-workers from the same institution or corporation, worldwide.

Finally, an Advanced Version may be shared with up to five third parties, provided that such sharing complies with all the conditions presented at Report Sharing Terms

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