Excel Add-in

Excel Add-In

Intratec Excel Add-In saves you time and effort by delivering our data directly into existing Excel workbooks with just a few clicks.

Our Excel Add-In is a ready-to-use tool that enables users to benefit from the API without the need to develop any integrations.

Such seamless integration of Intratec data into Microsoft Excel workflows eliminates the need for external sources consultation and laborious data searches, for enhanced data analysis and management.

Keep it Simple

Integrate Intratec data directly into your Excel models, and get data in a click of a button

Be the First

Access up-to-date data firsthand, within seconds of publication, avoiding manual data entries

Leverage Your Models

Use Intratec data with your existing Excel local spreadsheets and models, enabling seamless integration

Save Time and Effort

Access ready-to-use data in Excel, leaving more room for data analysis rather than data preparation

Easy to Use

An user-friendly interface ensures that users quickly access and analyze data with ease

No Implementation Time

Use the Excel Add-In with zero setup required. Designed to be operational from the moment you install it

Subscribers, easily install our Excel Add-In and start using it immediately. Log in now to access comprehensive support resources, including the Installation Guide and User Guide.

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