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Succinic Acid (a.k.a. SA, Butanedioic Acid) is an important chemical, traditionally derived from petroleum feedstocks. It is used in several areas - from high-value niche applications, such as food and pharmaceuticals, to large-volume applications, such as plasticizers, resins and coatings. However, the current market for Succinic Acid is limited to specialized areas because of its costly production process. Succinic Acid from renewable feedstocks appears to be an alternative to the petroleum-derived chemical and may have advantages surrounding concerns such as the rising atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations.

Intratec offers professional, easy-to-understand reports examining Succinic Acid production. Each study describes an industrial plant, including main process units and site infrastructure, and presents an independent analysis of capital and operating costs. All reports are based on the most recent economic data available (Q2 2019).

You can find below reports focused on Succinic Acid production processes available in report subscriptions offered by Intratec.

Bio-Succinic Acid Production from Glucose - Cost Analysis | Succinic Acid E25A

It presents the economics of bio-based Succinic Acid production from glucose syrup in the USA. Differently from the report "Succinic Acid E24A", the process examined in this report is similar to BioAmber fermentation process.

Analysis: 30 kta United States-based plant   |   Q2 2019   |   107 pages

Succinic Acid from Maleic Anhydride - Cost Analysis | Succinic Acid E41A

This report analyses the economics of a Succinic Acid production from maleic anhydride. In this process, maleic anhydride is first hydrogenated to produce succinic anhydride, which is then hydrated to produce Succinic Acid. The economic analysis presented is based on a plant constructed in the United States.

Analysis: 30 kta United States-based plant   |   Q2 2019   |   106 pages