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Oxygen (a.k.a. O2) is a nonmetallic element and one of the most abundant elements on Earth’s surface, accounting for approximately 23 wt% of the atmosphere, 86 wt% of seawater, and 47 wt% of the Earth’s crust. Under standard conditions, Oxygen is a diatomic gas with molecular formula O2.

Intratec offers professional, easy-to-understand reports examining Oxygen production. Each study describes an industrial plant, including main process units and site infrastructure, and presents an independent analysis of capital and operating costs. All reports are based on the most recent economic data available (Q2 2019).

You can find below reports focused on Oxygen production processes available in report subscriptions offered by Intratec.

Oxygen Production - Cost Analysis | Oxygen E11A

This study provides a techno-economic analysis of a typical cryogenic distillation process for Oxygen production using atmospheric air as the starting material. Oxygen main product and nitrogen by-product are produced as high pressurized gases. The economic analysis presented assumes a plant located in the USA.

Analysis: 800 MM Nm3a United States-based plant   |   Q2 2019   |   106 pages