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Cumene (a.k.a. Isopropylbenzene) is an organic compound, of the aromatic hydrocarbon class. It is a colorless liquid, insoluble in water, but soluble in most organic solvents. Cumene production grew rapidly during World War II, since it was employed as aviation gasoline. It is found in crude oil and is primarily used as a raw material in the manufacture of phenol, acetone, and methyl styrene - compounds with many chemical and industrial uses. In fact, currently, the production of cumene is largely associated with the demand for phenol and phenol derivatives.

Intratec offers professional, easy-to-understand reports examining Cumene production. Each study describes an industrial plant, including main process units and site infrastructure, and presents an independent analysis of capital and operating costs. All reports are based on the most recent economic data available (Q4 2019).

You can find below reports focused on Cumene production processes available in report subscriptions offered by Intratec.

Cumene Production Process - Cost Analysis | Cumene E15A

This feasibility study reviews Cumene production from benzene and refinery grade (RG) propylene via an alkylation process, which is carried out using a zeolite catalyst. The economic assessment also assumes a plant located in the United States.

Analysis: 300 kta United States-based plant   |   Q4 2019   |   106 pages