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Aniline (a.k.a. Phenylamine, Aminobenzene, Benzenamine) is a toxic organic compound, the simplest of the primary aromatic amines. It is a colorless to pale yellow liquid (rapidly becomes brown on exposure to air and light), with rotten odor, soluble in water. It was first produced in 1826 and, currently, is one of the most produced nitrogen compounds worldwide.

Intratec offers professional, easy-to-understand reports examining Aniline production. Each study describes an industrial plant, including main process units and site infrastructure, and presents an independent analysis of capital and operating costs. All reports are based on the most recent economic data available (Q2 2019).

You can find below reports focused on Aniline production processes available in report subscriptions offered by Intratec.

Aniline Production from Nitrobenzene - Cost Analysis | Aniline E13A

This report examines the costs related to the Aniline production from nitrobenzene and hydrogen in the USA. Differently from the report “Aniline E11A”, the process examined in this report is a liquid phase nitrobenzene hydrogenation.

Analysis: 350 kta United States-based plant   |   Q2 2019   |   106 pages