Production Cost Report
Production Cost Reports

Production Cost Reports

Industrial Plants Capital & Operating Cost Analyses

Production Cost Reports are best-in-class professional studies examining production processes, with independent and up-to-date analyses of capital and operating costs. Since 2002, Intratec has produced 817 reports, which have been used by global leading players and institutions. Our reports are focused on technologies for the manufacture of 258 commodities, spanning a diverse range of industries.

Our reports approach technologies within a wide range of maturity. There are reports examining established processes, used in several industrial plants worldwide, but also reports focused on embryonic/emerging technologies, still under development.

Our reports examine different manufacturing approaches: we have reports targeting transformation processes (e.g., nitrile gloves production), processes for fabric and fibers production (e.g., nonwoven, carbon fiber), polymerization processes (e.g, PP, PE, PVC), electrolytic processes (e.g., chlorine, caustic soda), fossil-based/petrochemical processes (e.g., propylene, ethylene), processes for the production of green chemicals from renewable sources (e.g., bioethanol, bio-based succinic acid) and others.

When it comes to uses, our reports are valuable tools for several activities, such as screening and assessment of investment options, preliminary evaluation of the economic potential of emerging processes, rough assessment of the economic feasibility of industrial ventures, cost estimates double-checking, preliminary budget approval, research planning, and so on.

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Report Content Highlights

Capital Cost Breakdown

Investment information required for starting an industrial plant, including:

  • Fixed capital (ISBL, OSBL & Owner’s Cost)
  • Working capital
  • Plant start-up expenses

Operating Cost Details

Costs related to the commodity production, discriminated by:

  • Variable costs (raw materials and utilities)
  • Fixed costs (labor, maintenance, overhead, etc.)
  • Depreciation

Product Value Analysis

All costs associated with the product manufacture, including:

  • Total operating cost
  • Corporate overhead
  • Return on capital employed (ROCE)

Technology Description

Descriptions and main technical aspects of the process:

  • Technology maturity assessment
  • Process unit (ISBL) description
  • Site infrastructure (OSBL) description

Process Requirements

Main technical coefficients related to process operation:

  • Key process input & output figures
  • Utilities consumption breakdown
  • Labor requirements

Comprehensive Diagrams

Diagrams providing a full understanding of the process:

  • Block flow diagram (BFD)
  • Process flow diagram (PFD) & equipment list
  • Industrial site configuration

Implementation Schedule

Schedule with total project duration, commissioning and start-up:

  • Basic & detailed engineering
  • Procurement & Construction
  • Plant start-up

Capacity Analysis

Impact of capacity change on the following process economic figures:

  • Capital investment
  • Operating cost
  • Product value

Custom Analysis Add-on

Analysis for different scenarios of plant location and capacity:

  • Capital investment details
  • Operating costs details
  • Product value details

Browse Reports By Industry

2-Ethylhexanoic Acid (1)2-Ethylhexanol (2)2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate (1)2-Propylheptanol (2)Acetaldehyde (6)
Acetic Acid (4)Acetic Anhydride (2)Acetone (3)Acetylene (5)Acrolein (1)
Acrylic Acid (13)Acrylonitrile (3)Activated Carbon (3)Adipic Acid (10)Adiponitrile (3)
Allyl Alcohol (1)Allyl Chloride (1)Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (1)Aniline (4)Aromatics BTX (2)
Azodicarbonamide (1)Benzene (10)BPA (2)Bronopol (1)Butadiene (10)
Butanediol (12)Butanol (5)Butene (8)Butyl Acrylate (2)Butyraldehyde (3)
Caprolactam (8)Carbon Black (1)Chloroprene (2)Cumene (6)Cyclododecanol (1)
Cyclododecanone (1)Cyclohexane (2)Cyclohexanone (2)Dibutyl Ketone (2)Dicyclopentadiene (1)
Diethyl Sulfate (1)Dimethyl Carbonate (2)Dimethyl Ether (7)Dimethyl Terephthalate (2)Dinitrotoluene (1)
Diphenyl Carbonate (5)Epichlorohydrin (6)Ethanol (20)Ethyl Acetate (4)Ethyl Acrylate (1)
Ethyl Tert-Butyl Ether (4)Ethylbenzene (3)Ethylene (21)Ethylene Dichloride (4)Ethylene Glycol (7)
Ethylene Oxide (2)Formaldehyde (4)Glycerol (1)HDI (2)Hexamethylenediamine (4)
Hexane (1)Hexene (3)Hydrogen (7)IPDI (2)Isobutane (1)
Isobutylene (4)Isodecanol (1)Isononanol (2)Isophthalic Acid (2)Isoprene (8)
Isopropyl Alcohol (4)Itaconic Acid (1)KA Oil (1)Laurolactam (3)Linear Alkylbenzene (1)
LAS (2)Linear Alpha Olefins (6)m-Xylene (1)Maleic Anhydride (5)MDI (2)
Methacrylic Acid (2)Methanol (7)Methional (2)Methyl Acrylate (1)Methyl Chloride (1)
Methyl Ester Sulfonate (1)Methyl Methacrylate (5)Monoethanolamine (1)MTBE (4)Neopentyl Glycol (1)
Nitrobenzene (2)Octene (4)Oxalic Acid (1)p-Nitrophenol (1)Paraxylene (12)
Pentaerythritol (2)Phenol (4)Phthalic Anhydride (3)Polyalphaolefin (1)Propanol (1)
Propionaldehyde (1)Propionic Acid (2)Propylene (13)Propylene Glycol (4)Propylene Oxide (7)
Reformate (4)Salicylic Acid (1)SLES (1)Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (1)Styrene (7)
Succinic Acid (11)Succinic Anhydride (1)Syngas (9)TBBPA (1)TEA-Lauryl Sulfate (1)
Terephthalic Acid (4)Tetrahydrofuran (1)Titanium Butoxide (1)Toluene (2)Toluene Diisocyanate (8)
Toluenediamine (1)Trimethylolpropane (1)Valeraldehyde (1)Vinyl Acetate (2)Vinyl Chloride (6)

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