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Intratec Plant Location Factors (IL Factors) are provided as an annual subscription where subscribers have access to unbiased multipliers for instantaneously converting construction costs of industrial plants from one country to another.  Subscribers can easily convert plant construction costs, among 33 strategic countries worldwide.

Intratec Plant Location Factors are calculated based on high volumes of local data of different locations, relating to productivity, labor costs, steel and energy prices, equipment import needs, freight, taxes and duties on imported and domestic materials and regional business environment, among others.

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Location Factors in 33 Countries


6 Countries Covered

Northwest Europe

8 Countries Covered

Central & South Europe

5 Countries Covered

United States Flag United States

Brazil Flag Brazil

Colombia Flag Colombia

Canada Flag Canada

Chile Flag Chile

Mexico Flag Mexico

Germany Flag Germany

Belgium Flag Belgium

Netherlands Flag Netherlands

United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom

Finland Flag Finland

France Flag France

Norway Flag Norway

Sweden Flag Sweden

Czech Republic Flag Czech Republic

Hungary Flag Hungary

Italy Flag Italy

Poland Flag Poland

Spain Flag Spain

Southeast Asia

6 Countries Covered

Northeast Asia

5 Countries Covered

Africa & Middle East

3 Countries Covered

Singapore Flag Singapore

Indonesia Flag Indonesia

Thailand Flag Thailand

India Flag India

Philippines Flag Philippines

Australia Flag Australia

China Flag China

Japan Flag Japan

Russia Flag Russia

South Korea Flag South Korea

Taiwan Flag Taiwan

Saudi Arabia Flag Saudi Arabia

South Africa Flag South Africa

Turkey Flag Turkey

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