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Dicyclopentadiene Price Trends
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Adamantane alprostadil (1RS,4SR)-2-azabicyclo[2.2.1]hept-5-en-3-one biperiden carboprost chlordane Corey aldehyde cycloolefin polymer cyclopentadienised oils dicyclopentadiene dioxide dicyclopentadienyl titanium dichloride dicyclopentenyl acetate dicyclopentenyl alcohol dimethyl carbate dinoprost dinoprostone ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymers, rubber ethylidene norbornene ferrocene heptenophos hexachlorocyclopentadiene hydrocarbon resins, dicyclopentadiene types; nadic anhydride; norbornene; poly(dicyclopentadiene); tricyclodecane carboxaldehyde; tricyclodecane dimethanol; unsaturated polyester resins, dicyclopentadiene grades; varenicline
Dicyclopentadiene (a.k.a. DCPD) is a cyclic hydrocarbon that appears as colorless crystals, soluble in ethanol, diethyl ether, and acetic acid. It is formed by the spontaneous dimerization of cyclopentadiene at room temperature, and above 160 °C, DCDP dissociates into cyclopentadiene again. Cyclopentadiene, in its turn, is obtained from coal tar and from steam cracking operations. DCDP is used as a building block for the production of modified hydrocarbon resins, which show increased reactivity in copolymerizations with drying oils and produce paint resins with improved drying rate, gloss, and hardness. Hydrogenation of dicyclopentadiene and subsequent acid-catalyzed isomerization results in adamantane. It is also employed for modifications of unsaturated polyester resins.
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Price Trends
Intratec provides Dicyclopentadiene prices in several countries, as follows:
<ul> <li><b>North America:</b> benzene (USA); ethylene (USA); ethylene dichloride (USA); ethylene glycol (USA); methanol (USA); paraxylene (USA); propylene (USA); styrene (USA); terephthalic acid (USA); vinyl chloride (USA)</li> <li><b>Western Europe:</b> benzene (Netherlands); ethylene (Belgium); ethylene dichloride (Germany); ethylene glycol (Belgium); methanol (Netherlands); paraxylene (Netherlands); propylene (Germany); styrene (Netherlands); terephthalic acid (Germany); vinyl chloride (United Kingdom)</li> <li><b>North Asia:</b> benzene (China); ethylene (China); ethylene dichloride (China); ethylene glycol (China); methanol (China); paraxylene (South Korea); propylene (China); styrene (China); terephthalic acid (China); vinyl chloride (Japan)</li> <li><b>South Asia & Oceania:</b> benzene (Thailand); ethylene (Indonesia); ethylene dichloride (Thailand); ethylene glycol (Singapore); methanol (India); paraxylene (Malaysia); propylene (Indonesia); styrene (India); terephthalic acid (Thailand); vinyl chloride (India)</li> <li><b>Central & South America:</b> benzene (Brazil); ethylene (Brazil); ethylene glycol (Brazil); methanol (Brazil); paraxylene (Brazil); propylene (Brazil); styrene (Brazil); terephthalic acid (Brazil); vinyl chloride (Colombia)</li> <!-- <li><b>Africa:</b> ethylene (Morocco); ethylene glycol (South Africa); styrene (South Africa); terephthalic acid (South Africa)</li>--> <li><b>Middle East:</b> benzene (Saudi Arabia); ethylene (Saudi Arabia); ethylene dichloride (Saudi Arabia); ethylene glycol (Saudi Arabia); methanol (Saudi Arabia); paraxylene (Saudi Arabia); propylene (Saudi Arabia); styrene (Saudi Arabia); terephthalic acid (Saudi Arabia); vinyl chloride (Saudi Arabia).</li> </ul>
Note for Data: Jan 2007 = 100

Dicyclopentadiene Price Trends

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