Convert Cost of Industrial Plants Between Locations

Convert Cost of Industrial Plants Between Locations

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Access location factors for 33 countries. Subscribe to Intratec Plant Location Factors (IL Factors) and access current factors to convert capital cost between locations. Our location factors are suitable not only for plants but also plants from several industry sectors. Also check IL Factors history since 2000. Plans start at $149 USD /year.

Data Use. IL Factors are monthly series of dimensionless multiplying factors calculated in a comparative manner, taking a United States-based plant as the reference location (USA = 1). To better understand Plant Location Factors functionalities, check User Guide . For further information about data gathering methods, see Intratec methodology .

About IL Factors. Based on a robust methodology involving gathering and processing a huge amount of data from several countries, Intratec has created unique tools for converting construction costs of industrial plants among different countries – our IL Factors. Covering as many as 33 countries, Intratec Plant Location Factors are suitable for industrial plants from several sectors, spanning the fields of Oil & Energy, Fertilizers & Gases, Olefins & Derivatives, Aromatics & Derivatives, Alcohols & Organic Acids, Inorganic Chemicals, Polymers, Food & Nutrition, Metals & Mining, Pharmaceuticals and Water & Utilities.

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