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Energy Price Monitor

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Access now energy commodities prices, including historical data dating back to 2007 and forecasts. Prices are presented in a user-friendly graphing tool, which allows comparison of trends, download of price data as Excel or PDF files, customization of data views. All price data is updated monthly according to a predefined schedule.

Energy Price Monitor, an AI powered database, monitors 12 energy commodity prices across 35 countries. Relying upon machine learning and cloud computing, it extracts and process a vast amount of official trade data automatically. All data pulled together is thoroughly double checked by Intratec team, so that reliable series are presented to help subscribers evaluate prices and identify trends in key markets.

Check, for free, limited samples of the pricing data presented for all energy commodities covered. To understand all database features, see the full sample below, through which you can see the entire price dataset of one commodity as well as try all chart functionalities, at no cost. Finally, in our brochure, check the country-level price series available for each commodity.

6 Regions Covered, Spanning 35 Countries


United States, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Chile and Mexico

West Europe

Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France and Italy

Central & North Europe

Finland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Norway, Poland and Sweden

Southeast Asia & Oceania

Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Philippines and Australia

East Europe & North Asia

China, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Taipei, Chinese and Ukraine

Africa & Middle East

Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Morocco

A Comprehensive, Multi-Featured Database

Interactive Price Charts

Assess prices through multiple data views and chart functionalities. Easily identify energy price trends

Historical Data & Forecast

Access monthly prices for the past 15 years and forecasts covering a rolling 9 months forward

Monthly Updates

Keep up to date. Get new data released in the beginning of every month (see Data Update Schedule).

Work Offline

Download price data tables (PDF, Excel, CSV) and price chart images (PNG, JPG).

Customizable Charts

Change currencies (e.g. €, £, ¥) and units (e.g. kg, ton, m³, gal). View data in a monthly, quarterly or annual basis

Check Prices Worldwide

Learn prices in 35 countries. Veify all the countries covered in our brochure

Share Data

Share price data of 12 energy commodities with co-workers from multiple locations

Receive Via Email

Get energy commodities prices in Excel format delivered to your email, every month

Manage Account

Add users (same email domain) and manage their roles. Handle your company billing on one single account

Crude Oil Price Chart Full Sample

Views. Our Energy Price Monitor Chart present:

  • Price Data: prices since 2007, in different countries.
  • Price Forecast: Short-term forecasts for prices, in different countries.
  • Price Variations: Percentage changes in prices, on a monthly or yearly basis.

Formats. Data may be presented in the following formats:

  • Chart: Graphical representation of the data – you must hover the mouse over the price series to view the respective values plotted. You can filter a given series by clicking on the respective legend label, right above the chart. Chart images may be downloaded as JPG or PNG files*.
  • Table: Arrangement of data in rows and columns. Data tables may be downloaded as non-printable PDF* or Excel files**.

(*) Available only to subscribers of 'Pro' or 'Business' plans.

(**) Available only to subscribers of 'Business' plans.

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Get Full Access

  • Prices & Forecasts
  • Download Data as Excel File
  • Customizable Charts
  • Prices for Up to 35 Countries
  • Price History Since 2007


From $149 USD /year

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    Data Status. The following types of data are available in the chart:

    • Final: Calculations done utilizing official statistics.
    • Preliminary: Estimates based on non-consolidated data, which will be recalculated/revised as consolidated data become available.
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    • Forecast: Estimates of what Intratec considers to be the most probable scenario for the upcoming months, as of the date such forecasts are updated.
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    Raw Materials & Production Processes.

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    • Price Forecasts
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    • Prices for Up to 35 countries
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    Energy Price Monitor Subscription Plans


    From $149 USD /year

    Monitor Monthly Energy Commodities Prices

    Up to 35 Countries Covered

    Latest Prices, Updated Monthly (Schedule)

    Historical Series since 2007

    Online Price Charts

    Data Tables as Online PDF





    From $249 USD /year

    All Standard Features

    Price Forecasts

    Download Data Tables as Non-Printable PDF

    Download Chart Image (JPEG, PNG)

    Prices in Multiple Currencies (€, ¥, etc.)

    Prices in Multiple Units (kg, ton, etc.)

    See Data by Month/Quarter/Year

    Charts of Monthly/Yearly Changes




    From $399 USD /year

    All Pro Features

    Download Data Tables as Excel File

    Download Data Tables as Printable PDF

    Have 1 Extra User

    Manage Users Roles

    Transfer Subscription Ownership

    Receive Data in Excel Format via Email

    Share with Coworkers

    Support via Email

    Add More Users (Add-on)

    Data Licensing

    Share with Third Parties

    Share pricing data of energy commodities with third parties

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    Empower your software and databases with our pricing data

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    Receive our data via FTP and easily integrate it into your workflow

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the level of detail of the price data presented?

    Our database presents volume-weighted averages of transaction prices effectively practiced in the markets. As such, the prices presented in Energy Price Monitor:

    • Are not necessarily indicative of specific contract prices or spot transactions/bids (unless otherwise specified).
    • Do not reflect the price of any specific grade, rather an average price of all grades traded in the period reported, under all types of transaction (contract and spot)

    You can find a more detailed explanation of Intratec price data and how to use it here .

    Are reports included in the subscription?

    No. Subscribers can access energy price charts and price data tables online (in the User Area on the Intratec website) and, depending on the subscription plan, may also download chart images (PNG, JPEG) and data tables (Excel) to work offline. Naturally, the subscriber must be logged in on the Intratec website (using the same email and password of the subscription) to access the data.

    When is the price data updated?

    Our Commodity Price Database is updated in the beggining of every month, in a specific date according to our Data Update Schedule.

    Can I purchase a custom subscription?

    No. Kindly note that we offer no subscriptions for accessing a specific commodity or set of commodities from our database. You must choose among the available subscription plans and industries.

    Where does the price data of your database come from?

    The data is obtained from the collection/refining of foreign trade data officially disclosed by the respective countries, which may be:

    • Reported by governmental agencies and/or institutions related to foreign trade
    • Presented in statistical surveys conducted by countries/organizations

    Do you offer monthly subscriptions?

    No. Kindly note that all subscriptions offered by Intratec are charged on an annual basis.

    Do you offer a free full trial?

    No. However, please keep in mind that anyone interested in Intratec online databases has access to a variety of free samples:

    • We provide a full sample for each database, where you can check all data available for a given commodity (e.g. oil) and try all the database features
    • 3-years historical series are available as extended samples of our data for every item in our databases (you must register to check these extended samples.)

    How do I cancel my subscription?

    If you are the owner of a subscription, you can easily cancel the subscription by following the steps below:

    • Login at with your email and password (top-menu)
    • Once logged on, you must click on “Account” (top-menu) and then on "Subscriptions"
    • Locate the subscription and click on "Manage Billing"
    • Click on the button “Edit” and then on the link "Cancel", under “Subscription Status”

    Once you cancel your subscription, you will continue to have access to your subscription plan data until the end of your current billing period. Upon cancellation, an email will be sent confirming that the recurring billing is interrupted.

    Please note that refunds are not provided in this case. For more information, see Intratec Refund Policy

    How can I use Intratec data? Can I share it with third parties?

    The subscriber may, in the course of its business, create content based on Intratec data for internal use only according to "Use & Sharing" statements set out in Intratec Terms & Conditions.

    The subscriber of a 'Standard' Plan or a 'Pro' Plan is not allowed to share Intratec data - such subscriptions are for individual use only. The subscriber of 'Business' Plan shall have a limited right in the ordinary course of its business to share Intratec data with coworkers, on a confidential basis, as set out in Intratec Terms & Conditions.

    If you need to share Intratec data with third parties, you can get a Business Subscription with a custom license to share our data. Contact us for more information on this topic.

    For more information visit our Help Center