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Intratec Plant Location Factors (IL Factors) are dimensionless multiplying factors for instantaneously converting the overall construction cost of industrial plants, from one country to another. It is presented below a full sample of this product, showing functionalities of this product and location factors for Finland. Subscribe now and access location factors to easily convert plant costs, among 33 strategic countries worldwide.

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Data Legend. This location factor is an indicator, published monthly by Intratec, which enables users to convert plant construction costs in Finland to another country in the same time period.

Data Use. IL Factors are monthly series of dimensionless multiplying factors calculated in a comparative manner, taking a United States-based plant as the reference location (USA = 1). To better understand Plant Location Factors functionalities, check User Guide . For further information about data gathering methods, see Intratec methodology .

Intratec Plant Location Factors

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Plans Starting at $149 USD /year

About Intratec Plant Location Factors. Subscription-based product which monthly delivers factors to convert construction costs of industrial plants from one country to another. Essentially, it covers:

  • Factors for 33 strategic countries, grouped by 6 world regions:

    1. Americas: United States, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico
    2. Northwest Europe: Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom
    3. Central & South Europe: Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain
    4. Southeast Asia: Australia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand
    5. Northeast Asia: China, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan
    6. Africa & Middle East: Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey
  • Historical data since January 2000

Intratec Plant Location Factors are calculated based on high volumes of local data of different locations, relating to productivity, labor costs, steel and energy prices, equipment import needs, freight, taxes and duties on imported and domestic materials and regional business environment, among others.

The IL Factors methodology involves combining series of the four major components - labor cost, material cost, logistic costs and business environment - to reasonably reflect their relative importance. The factors are calculated in a comparative manner, taking the United States as the reference location.

Intratec Plant Location Factors are straightforward, handy tools for a series of purposes, like cost estimation, feasibility studies and investment analysis.

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