Request a Bespoke Cost of Production Report

Intratec has a broad library of more than 853 reports, which is constantly growing. If none of the off-the-shelf reports presented at our reports store could fit your needs, that is not a problem – here you can request a bespoke report examining the process you are interested in!

The bespoke report will be a Commodity Cost of Production publication developed on demand for you, tailored to your needs. The study will be focused on the production process of your interest, and will be developed according to assumptions you define, such as industrial plant production capacity and location.

As all Intratec Cost of Production Reports, the bespoke report will be based on recent economic data (Q1 2024), and will include:

  • Process Description: raw materials and utilities consumption, products generation, labor requirements, list of equipment, characterization of site infrastructure, process flow diagram (PFD).
  • Capital Cost Analysis: costs of plant construction, working capital, owners' costs, commissioning, start-up and contingency.
  • Operating Cost Analysis: variable costs, fixed costs (salary, benefits & maintenance) and corporate overhead costs.
  • And much more . . .

Report Content Highlights

Capital Cost Breakdown

Investment information on the requirements for starting an industrial plant, including:

  • Fixed capital (ISBL, OSBL & Owner’s Cost)
  • Working capital
  • Plant start-up expenses

Operating Cost Details

Costs related to the commodity production, categorized by:

  • Variable costs (raw materials and utilities)
  • Fixed costs (labor, maintenance, overhead, etc.)
  • Depreciation

Product Value Analysis

All costs associated with the product manufacture, including:

  • Total operating cost
  • Corporate overhead
  • Return on capital employed (ROCE)

Technology Description

Descriptions of the technical aspects of the process:

  • Technology maturity assessment
  • Process unit (ISBL) description
  • Site infrastructure (OSBL) description

Process Requirements

Main technical coefficients related to process operation:

  • Key process input & output figures
  • Utilities consumption breakdown
  • Labor requirements

Comprehensive Diagrams

Diagrams providing a full description of the process:

  • Block flow diagram (BFD)
  • Process flow diagram (PFD) & equipment list
  • Industrial site configuration

Implementation Schedule

Schedule including total project duration, commissioning and start-up:

  • Basic & detailed engineering
  • Procurement & Construction
  • Plant start-up

Capacity Analysis

Impact of capacity change on the following process economic figures:

  • Capital investment
  • Operating cost
  • Product value

Custom Analysis Add-on

Analysis for several scenarios of plant location and capacity:

  • Capital investment details
  • Operating costs details
  • Product value details

Steps to Request a Bespoke Report Quotation

Identify the Product and the Process of Your Interest

First, identify the product and the respective production process you are interested in, by filling the brief form below. In the form, some basic information, identified with (*), are required.
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Specific assumptions to be considered in the bespoke report development, related to industrial site configuration and pricing basis, may also be provided. If not provided, the bespoke report will be developed based on assumptions defined by Intratec.

Providing references about the process (for instance patents, technical articles, brochures, etc), although not required, is highly recommended. Good references about the process will help Intratec in the development of a better bespoke report.

Provide Business Information

Provide contact information and some basic information about your company, nessary sending back the quotation for report development.

Select the Edition of the Bespoke Report

Select one among three options available for the bespoke report edition. The differences among the three editions – basic, extended and advanced - are related to the amount/depth of the content, the report format and additional features. The advanced edition is the best option for those needing comprehensive, in-depth reports, as it includes process flow diagram, plant construction costs breakdowns and several other cost analyses.
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Bespoke reports with basic editions are delivered as online PDFs, reports with extended edition are delivered as downloadable, non-printable PDFs and reports with advanced scope are delivered as downloadable, printable PDFs. Also, only bespoke reports with advanced scope include technical support.

In this step, one edition must be selected for the bespoke report.

Review & Submit your Request for Quotation

Review the information provided and submit your request for quotation. If no clarifications are necessary, Intratec sends the definitive quotation in 5 business days, with instructions for concluding the purchase. Request one quotation for each production process of your interest. Bespoke reports can be purchased via credit cards, wire transfers and local bank transfers.
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Upon payment confirmation, Intratec starts bespoke report development. The report is developed remotely by Intratec team. Once the report is ready, it is made available either for online access or for download in a private area at Intratec website.