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Intratec is a leading provider of production cost reports, focused on basic chemicals, inorganics and fertilizers, plastics, fibers and rubbers, green chemicals, biofuels and specialties. Since 2002, leading players and institutions across the globe have used our reports for economic evaluations of chemical production processes.

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Key Process Information

Raw Materials Consumption

Products Generation

Block Flow Diagram

Industrial Site Description

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Capital Investment Analysis

Process Unit Construction Costs

Infrastructure Construction Costs

Working Capital

Plant Commissioning & Start-up

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Operating Costs Analyses

Raw Materials Acquisition

Utilities Consumption

Fixed Costs


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Economics of Different Capacities

Analysis of the way in which the economics of a process is impacted by plant capacity (production scale).

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Utilities Consumption Breakdown

Detailed assessment of utilities consumption presented per utility (e.g., steam, cooling water, electricity.)

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Implementation Schedule

Project implementation schedule, from the decision to invest until the initiation of commercial production.

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