Fertilizers & Food Industries

Fertilizers & Food

Fertilizers are solid or liquid materials added to the soil to supply inorganic nutrients for the proper development and growth of plants, with nitrogen, phosphorus — as orthophosphate — and potassium being the three principal nutrients. Fertilizers commercialized in a large scale are commonly specified in terms of their NPK ratio, which express the percentage by volume of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) in the fertilizer. More than ever, fertilizers play a pivotal role in today's world ― by supplying crops with the nutrients the soil lacks, fertilizers can double, or even triple, crop yields.

Food ingredients and additives, in turn, refer to a number of chemicals used in food products, directly or indirectly. In general, food ingredients can be consumed, while food additives are mainly used in small quantities for a multitude of functions, such as shelf-life extension, microbial safety, appetibility and palatability, nutritional value improvement and food processing.

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