Renewable Chemicals

The transition to a greener economy, less petroleum‐based and environmentally sustainable, represents a key challenge facing leaders in the 21st century and, nowadays, thousands of opportunities arise from that emerging trend:

  • Ethanol fuel may displace gasoline;
  • Gas‐to‐Liquids (GTL) technologies and their liquid synthetic fuels may substitute usual gasoline and diesel;
  • Green plastics, already certified, are being commercialized;
  • Several countries have goals for their own renewable energy futures, and are enacting a far‐reaching array of policies to meet those goals;

Despite its great potential, the market is still full of uncertainty. Major factors affecting the industry’s profitability ‐ feedstock costs, regulation, and technologies ‐ are in flux.

Intratec provides the best-in-class reports examining production processes of renewable chemicals, with up-to-date analyses of capital and operating costs. We also offer a comprehensive online database of prices of renewable chemicals, across several countries, covering historical series and forecasts.

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