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About these Indexes. The IC Index stands for Intratec Plant Construction Cost Index, an indicator, published monthly by Intratec, which enables users to scale capital costs from one time period to another. The index reconciles prices trends of fundamental components of a chemical plant construction such as labor, material and energy, providing meaningful historical and forecast data for users. Covering historical figures and near term forecasts of up to nine months, the IC Index is a handy tool for a series of purposes, like cost estimation, feasibility studies and investment analysis.

While there are delays in the release of official statistics used by Intratec for computing IC Index, the latest and upcoming values (forecasts) of the IC Index are calculated based on available preliminary data and/or estimates derived from relevant prices trends observed (e.g. labor, material and energy). In this context, three types of data are available for the IC Index:

  • Consolidated (C): calculations are carried with official statistics
  • Preliminary (P): an estimate of IC Index using available preliminary data and prices data from Intratec's database
  • Forecast (F): obtained from verified price trends

How to Use this Index. Using IC Index is quick and easy! See an example below:

Suppose you know that the construction cost of a given industrial plant in United States, back in April 2004, was USD 210 million. However, you need to know how much the cost would be in February 2010.

To update a plant construction cost from April 2004 to February 2010, you just have to multiply the construction cost in Apr 2004 (USD 210 million) by the ratio of IC index at Feb 2010 (144) over the IC index in Apr 2004 (116), as expressed in the equation below:

Construction Cost in Feb 2010 = Construction Cost in Apr 2004 * (IC Index at Feb 2010) / (IC Index at Apr 2004)

By applying this equation, you would quickly learn that the construction costs in February 2010 would be approximately USD 260 million.

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