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Plant Cost Index for India
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Plant Cost Index for India

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The Plant Cost Index for Brazil is the best tool for updating construction costs of industrial plants in India. Published monthly, this index is an indicator that enables subscribers to scale plant construction costs in local currency (Rupee) from one time period to another.
[{"date":"2019-01-01","value":"223.30","status":"(Final)","period":"Jan 2019"},{"date":"2019-02-01","value":"222.10","status":"(Final)","period":"Feb 2019"},{"date":"2019-03-01","value":"215.40","status":"(Final)","period":"Mar 2019"},{"date":"2019-04-01","value":"219.70","status":"(Preliminary)","period":"Apr 2019"},{"date":"2019-05-01","value":"220.70","status":"(Preliminary)","period":"May 2019"},{"date":"2019-06-01","value":"215.10","status":"(Preliminary)","period":"Jun 2019"}]

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