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Location Factor for South Africa
Data Type: location-factor
Location Factor
South Africa
South African Rand
Currency Code: ZAR
Note for Data: Convert investments from USA (in USD) to Saudi Arabia (in USD)
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Location Factor
South Africa

Location Factor for South Africa

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The Location Factor for South Africa is the best tool for finding out the investment required for constructing an industrial plant in South Africa, based on the investment for a similar plant in the USA. Published monthly, this factor is an indicator that enable subscribers to convert known construction costs of industrial plants in the United States (in USD) to construction costs in South Africa.

[{"date":"2007-02-01","value":"1.26","status":"(Final)","period":"Feb 2007"},{"date":"2007-03-01","value":"1.26","status":"(Final)","period":"Mar 2007"},{"date":"2007-04-01","value":"1.29","status":"(Final)","period":"Apr 2007"},{"date":"2007-05-01","value":"1.31","status":"(Final)","period":"May 2007"},{"date":"2007-06-01","value":"1.30","status":"(Final)","period":"Jun 2007"},{"date":"2007-07-01","value":"1.30","status":"(Final)","period":"Jul 2007"}]

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Data Status. The following types of data are available in the South Africa Location Factor chart:

  • Final – Calculations carried with official statistics.
  • Preliminary – Estimates based on non-consolidated data; which will be recalculated/revised as consolidated data becomes available.

About South Africa Location Factors. These factors are used to convert investment plant construction costs from the US to South Africa. They are useful tools for cost estimation in a range of assignments, involving: investment analysis, multi-regional economic assessments, global relocation studies, international cost models and cost escalation.

While there are delays in the release of official statistics used by Intratec for computing South Africa Location Factor, the latest values of the location factor are calculated based on available preliminary data and/or estimates derived from relevant price trends observed (e.g. labor, material and energy).

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