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Reports Subscriptions

Intratec designed tailored subscription plans to attend corporate customers: each year customers get 36 best-in-class reports, for just a fraction of the cost! Our reports subscriptions are the best solution available in the market for corporate customers: while our reports cost typically between $1,599 and $2,999, subscribers get 36 reports for just $18,900, saving around 70%!

As a subscriber, you will get the 36 reports listed for the respective subscription year, presented at Intratec website.

Here you may also check the reports released in subscriptions from previous years and purchase the archive of your interest.

Sure! All Intratec reports are available at our Off-the-Shelf Reports library! Please keep in mind, however, that through our subscriptions you can get reports with as much as 70% off.

Subscribers receive online access to the reports (online PDFs), and are also be able to download reports as PDF files. Kindly note that Intratec does not deliver hard-copies of the reports.

Yes! Subscribers have Premium Support and are allowed to clear technical questions with our support team. The terms of this support package can be found below:

  • Responses provided exclusively via Email
  • Responses provided by Intratec support team in 3 business days
  • Support limited to 1 man-hour from Intratec Experts (equivalent to 2 specific questions about each report)
  • We accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Please note that credit cards from outside USA must be enabled for international transactions (in US dollars).

    We also accept wire transfers and local bank transfers.

    In any case, just click on “Add to Cart” – you will receive instructions on how to proceed with the payment.

    Your active subscription period starts upon subscription fee payment confirmation and is valid for the next 12 months.

    After the subscription purchase, Intratec team delivers the reports in 6 business days. Reports are made available for online access on a private area at Intratec website. Subscribers will also be able to download reports as non-printable PDF files.

    Once your subscription expires, you will no longer have access to Production Cost Reports received along your subscription. So we strongly recommend you renew your subscription before its expires, in order to keep access to your reports!

    Kindly note that subscriptions only cover extended versions of reports. Please keep in mind, however, that subscribers are free to upgrade any report acquired through a subscription to its Advanced Version for an additional fee.

    To upgrade your report, please follow the steps below:

    1. Login at with your email and password
    2. Once logged on, click on "Go to User Area" on the top menu
    3. In the User Area, on the menu option “Your Products”, click on “Production Cost Reports”
    4. Select the report you want to upgrade in the drop-down "Select a Report of Interest"
    5. Scroll down to the section "Upgrade your Report", and click on "UPGRADE YOUR REPORT" for an Advanced Version.