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About Reports

Sure! You can actually examine any report of your interest and learn about its content by browsing its preview, in which you will see report table of contents, analyses excerpts, report development methodology, etc.

Also, for a full understanding of our production cost reports, we highly suggest you download samples of full reports, available for free! They clearly show the type of information you will get from Production Cost Reports, as they share the same structure and depth of content. Register Now for a free at Intratec website and get immediate access to Production Cost Reports samples!

Each Intratec report targets a specific production process, and is available in three different versions: basic, extended and advanced.

The basic version describes the industrial plant, including main process units and site infrastructure, and presents an independent analysis of capital and operating costs.

For those needing more in-depth, comprehensive analyses, Intratec offers the extended and the advanced versions.

The extended version includes everything of the basic version plus an extra appendix, in which it is presented the following analyses: Economics of Different Capacities; Utilities Consumption Breakdown; Construction Implementation Schedule.

Finally, the advanced version includes everything of the extended version plus another extra appendix, in which it is presented: Process Unit Cost Breakdown per Equipment; Infrastructure Cost Breakdown per Equipment; Plant Construction Cost Breakdown per Discipline; Process Flow Diagrams.

Please keep in mind that significant portions of our reports are intended to fully explain concepts/assumptions utilized throughout the study; thus the content of all chapters/appendixes often reference one another.

That being the case, Intratec only sells reports in the three aforementioned versions, basic, advanced and extended. We do not sell report excerpts.

Yes, you can! To upgrade your report, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login at with your email and password
  2. Once logged on, click on "Go to User Area" on the top menu
  3. In the User Area, on the menu option “Your Products”, click on “Production Cost Reports”
  4. Select the report you want to upgrade in the drop-down "Select a Report of Interest"
  5. Scroll down to the section "Upgrade your Report", and click on "UPGRADE YOUR REPORT" for an Advanced Version.

Finally, the fee charged for upgrading a report will be equal to the difference between report's versions prices.

Intratec's policy is to always provide its customers with relevant and up-to-date Production Cost Reports, which serve as timely and well-founded cost analyses. Therefore, once a customer orders a report, the Intratec team reviews and refreshes market figures and techno-economic parameters presented in that report before delivering it. This way we ensure that our customers will always have up-to-date reports, reviewed in light of relevant references that eventually popped up since the report was first developed.

In this context, kindly note that Intratec does not sell nor provide out-of-date reports.

Customers interested in having questions answered must order advanced versions of reports, which includes Technical Support via email. The support provided refers exclusively to the content of the report purchased. Responses are provided in 3 business days.

Intratec reports can be delivered in three formats: as online PDFs; as downloadable, non-printable PDFs; and as downloadable, printable PDFs. The delivery format is according to the version of the report: Basic Versions are delivered as online PDFs, Extended Versions are delivered as downloadable, non-printable PDFs and Advanced Versions are delivered as downloadable, printable PDFs.

After Intratec team updates a report ordered, it is made available either for online access or for download in a private area at Intratec website. Reports delivered as online viewable reports will be accessible for 365 days after report delivery, in a private area at Intratec website.

Yes! When you order an Advanced Version of a report, Intratec offers the option of also ordering a custom analysis, which presents capital and operating costs of an industrial plant with the production capacity and/or location of your interest.

For the development of the custom analysis, all costs are recalculated considering local data (e.g. raw materials, steel and energy prices, labor costs) and the plant capacity informed. The analysis has the same structure of the report (chapters include Capital Investment, Operating Costs, and Process Economics Summary). The costs are presented in US dollars (with the assumed exchange rate for local currency).

You can select this option only when you order an off-the-shelf report (advanced version). Kindly note that custom analysis cannot be purchased individually.

The sharing of Intratec Report and its content is according to the version of the report, as follows:

The customer who purchased a Basic or an Extended Version is not allowed to share the report nor its content.

An Advanced Version may be shared with co-workers from the same institution or corporation, provided that such sharing complies with all the conditions presented at Intratec Terms & Conditions

After more than a decade supporting leading companies worldwide, Intratec has gained considerable expertise in the analysis of chemical markets and process economics. All of this expertise is distilled in our reports through the use of consistent development methodologies.

Our methodology ensures that our reports are reliable, structured, and continuously tested and proven by the many corporations, R&D centers, EPC companies, financial institutions and government agencies that rely on those reports.

We highly encourage you to check our Report Development Methodology.

The information about industrial processes presented in our reports is drawn from public sources, encompassing patents, encyclopedias, text books, technical papers and non-confidential information disclosed by licensors, duly reviewed by Intratec. The market data presented in our reports is primarily drawn from public sources, and checked across several sources to verify and ensure integrity.


We do offer free samples of our reports, and you definitely can see them! In fact, we strongly encourage you to download our report samples - they clearly demonstrate, in advance, the type of information you will get when you order our reports, offering the same standard and structure (types of graphs, tables and descriptions). You will quickly realize the caliber of Intratec reports!

First, it is important to mention that each Intratec report is available in three different versions: basic, extended and advanced. You can easily check the price of each version of a report in the respective report page, in the section 'Compare & Choose the Right Report Version for You'.

To proceed with the purchase, just click select the report format of you interest and click on the button 'ADD TO CART' - you will be able to conclude your purchase in a few steps! Intratec website provides a robust and safe payment platform, in which all purchase is carried out online, payments can be made via Credit Card, PayPal, bank transfers and so on.

We are confident our reports will fit your needs!

Finally, should you need any further assistance for proceeding with the purchase, you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Kindly note that, in cases like these, if the purchase totals less than USD 6,000 Intratec always charge a USD 199 fee, related to offline sales handling. This USD 199 fee will be added to the price of the report ordered.


We understand that some customers may be involved in time-sensitive projects, and need Intratec reports with urgency. Precisely for such cases, we offer express (or rush) delivery options, in which we allocate more resources to update the report ordered on a shorter timeframe. The express or rush delivery options imply additional costs due to the resources required to update the report and deliver it in the timeframe selected by the customer.


Intratec supports companies interested in any manufacturing process not covered in our reports so far. We can provide detailed Production Cost Reports focused on processes defined by you, just submit a request for a bespoke report at

You may, in the course of your business, create your own analyses incorporating, on an individual basis, specific information and/or data presented in Production Cost Reports, provided that comply with all conditions set out in the Report Terms & Conditions

Technical Support is a feature of Advanced Versions of Reports. Only purchasers of advanced versions are allowed to clear technical questions with our support team. The terms of this support package can be found below:

  • Responses provided exclusively via Email
  • Responses provided by Intratec support team in 3 business days
  • Available for 21 days after report delivery
  • Support limited to 4 man-hours from Intratec Experts (equivalent to 6 specific questions about the report ordered)

Kindly note that Intratec reserves the right no to sell reports to companies whose business activity involves the online sales of similar reports/studies considered competitive with Intratec reports.

The delivery of reports takes usually 3 - 10 business days after payment confirmation. Kindly note that Intratec always provides customers with relevant information, which enables timely and well-supported analyses. So once a customer purchases a report, our team refreshes its content (raw materials prices, utilities costs, labor costs, etc), ensuring that our customer will have an up-to-date study!

For those needing Intratec reports with urgency, we offer express delivery options, in which we allocate more resources to update the report ordered on shorter timeframe(s). The express delivery option implies additional costs due to the resources required to update the report and deliver it in less time, typically in 1 - 5 business days. You can select the best delivery option fitting your needs during checkout, in the step "Delivery".

Yes, we have an offer that can fit your needs!

To attend large corporations which have regular demand for our reports, but bureaucratic purchase procedures, Intratec has designed a special offer: Production Cost Packages. With this offer, such corporations can pay an amount upfront and request reports later, as they need and at a discount.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about this offer.