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What themes can be covered in Intratec’s bespoke reports?

Per Intratec’s expertise and methodology, each bespoke report must be focused on a specific production technology, employed primarily in process industries spanning: petrochemicals; plastics & polymers; inorganic chemicals; fertilizers & food; renewables & recyclables; oil, gas & derivatives; metals & mining; specialty chemicals and energy & utilities. In fact, it is worth to highlight that Intratec’ methodology for developing Production Cost Reports was distilled from the expertise gained supporting companies worldwide in the analysis of chemical markets and production processes economics, over more than 15 years.

By way of illustration, from a “target product” perspective, we can develop bespoke reports examining production processes of upstream chemicals (oil, gas & derivatives such as ethane, propane and naphtha), intermediates (petrochemicals such as propylene, ethylene and styrene), and downstream chemicals (plastics & polymers such as polyethylene, polypropylene, styrene-butadiene rubber). However, kindly note that Intratec reports are not meant to approach manufacturing technologies of consumer products (“end products”).

Finally, in case of doubt whether we can develop a bespoke report about a given theme or not, please feel free to submit your request through our website. We will be glad in analyzing your request.