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Utility Cost Database

The cost figures presented represent estimates of the operating costs of systems employed for generating the respective utility. Such costs vary according to the utility (Chilled Water, Cooling Water, Demineralized Water, Process Water, Compressed Air, Steam).

On the other hand, utilities price figures consist of estimates for the values paid by an industrial customer for utilities supplied by off-site facilities.

If you cannot find the cost data of your interest in our database, whether it is cost data related to other utility or data related to a specific country not covered, you may contact us describing what you need. In this case, our experts will evaluate your request and may provide you with a quotation for the data you need. Of course, since this would be a customized data set, not available in our online database, the quotation for providing the data you need shall be considerably higher than our regular subscription fees.

No. Kindly note that we offer no subscriptions for accessing a specific utility or set of utilities from our database. You must choose among the available subscription plans.

No. Subscribers can access utility cost charts and cost data tables online (in the User Area on the Intratec website) and, depending on the subscription plan, may also download chart images (PNG, JPEG) and data tables (Excel) to work offline. Naturally, the subscriber must be logged in on the Intratec website (using the same email and password of the subscription) to access the data.