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Commodity Price Database

Our database presents volume-weighted averages of transaction prices effectively practiced in the markets. As such, the prices presented in Commodity Price Database:

  • Are not necessarily indicative of specific contract prices or spot transactions/bids (unless otherwise specified).
  • Do not reflect the price of any specific grade, rather an average price of all grades traded in the period reported, under all types of transaction (contract and spot)

You can find a more detailed explanation of Intratec price data and how to use it here .

No. Subscribers can access commodity price charts and price data tables online (in the User Area on the Intratec website) and, depending on the subscription plan, may also download chart images (PNG, JPEG) and data tables (Excel) to work offline. Naturally, the subscriber must be logged in on the Intratec website (using the same email and password of the subscription) to access the data.

No. Kindly note that we offer no subscriptions for accessing a specific commodity or set of commodities from our database. You must choose among the available subscription plans and industries.

The data is obtained from the collection/refining of foreign trade data officially disclosed by the respective countries, which may be:

  • Reported by governmental agencies and/or institutions related to foreign trade
  • Presented in statistical surveys conducted by countries/organizations

Subscribers are not allowed to change the coverage(s) of the respective subscriptions. In any case, subscribers can at any time upgrade their subscriptions, to include more coverage(s) of their interest. You can easily upgrade your subscription (to include more coverages) following the steps below:

  1. Login at with your email and password (top-menu)
  2. Once logged on, visit
  3. Locate your current plan and click on "UPGRADE"
  4. In the next page, select the additional coverage(s) of your interest and proceed with the purchase as you have done previously

As a subscriber, you will have access to monthly average prices for bulk quantities of commodities, as defined by official trade statistics issued by the respective countries. So while Intratec price data can be a useful guide in a number of situations, when used alone it may not capture specific and/or sharp price movements in periods of high price volatility. Therefore, we discourage using the monthly price data from Commodity Price Database as a reference of real-time prices of commodities.

You can find a more detailed explanation of Intratec price data and how to use it here .