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About Subscriptions (General)

No. However, please keep in mind that anyone interested in Intratec online databases has access to a variety of free samples:

  • We provide a full sample for each database, where you can check all data available for a given commodity (e.g. oil) and try all the database features
  • 3-years historical series are available as extended samples of our data for every item in our databases (you must register to check these extended samples.)

To cancel a subscription, you should follow the steps below:

  • Login at with your email and password (top-menu)
  • Once logged on, you must click on "Go to User Area" (top-menu)
  • In the User Area, hover the mouse over “Account” (top-menu) and click on "Subscriptions"
  • You should see a list of all of your subscriptions on our website - just click on the cancel link of the plan you are wanting to cancel.

Once you cancel your subscription, you will continue to have access to your subscription plan data until the end of your current billing period. Upon cancellation, an email will be sent confirming that the recurring billing is interrupted.

Please note that refunds are not provided in this case. For more information, see Intratec Refund Policy

The subscriber may, in the course of its business, create content based on Intratec data for internal use only according to "Use & Sharing" statements set out in Intratec Terms & Conditions.

The subscriber of a 'Standard' Plan or a 'Pro' Plan is not allowed to share Intratec data - such subscriptions are for individual use only. The subscriber of 'Business' Plan shall have a limited right in the ordinary course of its business to share Intratec data with coworkers, on a confidential basis, as set out in Intratec Terms & Conditions.

If you need to share Intratec data with third parties, you can get a Business Subscription with a custom license to share our data. Contact us for more information on this topic.

No. Please note that it costs a lot of money to produce high quality data and, differently from goods in general, data cannot be returned. Unfortunately, some people make a career out of taking advantage of information provided, only to clog up expensive customer service channels to cancel and refund their subscription price. We are not interested in working those kinds of people. We are interested in working with serious professionals who know the value of high quality information.

So in light of the above, we reserve the right to protect ourselves from people acting in bad faith and do not offer refunds. For more information, please see Intratec's Refund Policy.

Technical Support is a feature of our Business Plan. Only Subscribers of the Business Plan are allowed to clear technical questions with our support team. The terms of this technical support for our Indexes & Pricing Data Subscriptions can be found below:

  • Responses provided exclusively via Email
  • Responses provided by Intratec support team in 3 business days
  • Available while the subscription is active
  • Support limited to 2 man-hours from Intratec Experts (equivalent to 3 specific questions about the data) per Quarter

If you cannot find the data of your interest in any of the Intratec databases, you may submit this request form . Our experts will provide you with a quotation for the data you need in no more than 2 business days. Of course, since this is a customized data analysis, not available in our regular databases, the cost will be higher than our regular subscription fees.

The number of users (logins) allowed is according to the subscription plan of the subscriber. Subscribers of Standard and Pro plans have only one login to access the data. Subscribers of Business plans can have up to three users (logins) to access the data.

It is worth noting that only corporate emails, from the same company and with the same domain, can be used for logins in Business subscriptions; free email accounts (domains such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) cannot be used

Payments for all subscriptions can be made with credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB and American Express). Please note that credit cards from outside USA must be enabled for international transactions (in US dollars).

Payments for Pro and Business plans may be made via PayPal.

Finally, only payments for Business Plans can be made via purchase order or wire transfer for an additional fee of USD 199, to cover specific requirements, since any offline sale requires additional time/resources from our sales team.

Payments for all subscription plans are made on an annual basis.

Kindly note that refunds related to chemicals pricing data subscriptions are not provided.

Typically, our databases cover data since the year 2007 to present. However the Process Plant Cost Index and the Process Plant Location Factors cover data since the year 2000 to present.


Yes! You can easily upgrade your current plan by following the steps below:

  1. Login at with your email and password (top-menu)
  2. Once logged on, you must click on "Your Account" (top-menu)
  3. Click on the button "Subscriptions"
  4. Locate your current plan and click on "Upgrade"

When you upgrade your plan (to 'Pro' or 'Business'), you will pay the difference between the subscription fee of the new plan and the prorated amount you have already paid for the remaining time in your current billing cycle.

Upon payment confirmation, you will have access to the features of your new plan. Your access will last for the full duration of your new subscription term.

Example: You have subscribed for a plan that costs USD 250 per year. Then after 6 months you decide to upgrade to a new plan that costs USD 500 per year. You will pay USD 500 minus USD 125, which is the prorated amount you have already paid for the 6 remaining months in your current plan. So you should pay only USD 375 for your upgrade, and you will have access to your new plan for another full year.

Please keep in mind that anyone interested in our databases and tools can already check plenty of free samples - 36-months historical data series for any product covered in the database. The forecast data will be presented in the same format (online charts/tables).

So, such free samples should be enough for supporting a decision of whether or not to subscribe.