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Purchasing Bespoke Reports

Please keep in mind that significant portions of our reports are intended to fully explain concepts/assumptions utilized throughout the study; thus, the content of all chapters/appendixes often reference one another. That being the case, Intratec does not sell report excerpts.

Customers interested in having questions answered must order bespoke reports with advanced scope, which includes Technical Support via email. The support provided refers exclusively to the content of the report purchased. Responses are provided in 3 business days.

Intratec bespoke reports can be delivered in three formats: as online PDFs; as downloadable, non-printable PDFs; and as downloadable, printable PDFs. The delivery format is according to the bespoke report requested, as follows: reports with basic scope are delivered as online PDFs, reports with extended scope are delivered as downloadable, non-printable PDFs and reports with advanced scope are delivered as downloadable, printable PDFs.

Kindly note purchases of bespoke reports are carried out online, through Intratec website, as all other Intratec reports and subscriptions. In this context, the purchase/use of bespoke reports is governed by Intratec's Terms and Conditions, presented at

During the purchase, the customer will be able to generate an invoice. The payment implies full acceptance by the customer of Intratec terms and the formalization of the sale of the bespoke report.

Payments can be made with credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) or via bank transfers. You may select the payment method of your convenience when purchasing the report.

Please note that credit cards from outside USA must be enabled for international transactions (in US dollars). Should you have any trouble while trying to pay via Credit Card, we kindly ask you to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., informing the content of your order and your country.

If you need to add any extra information to your invoice you should fill out the field "Additional Information for your Invoice" available during the bespoke report purchase, in the step “Billing”.

Finally, kindly note that Intratec offers a robust platform for conducting online (through Intratec website) purchases of Intratec reports and data subscritions. Therefore, as offline sales of any report/data demands additional time/resources from our sales team, a fixed service fee of USD 199 is charged for processing specific requirements. Such service fee for offline sales is waived in purchases above USD 6,000.

Intratec retains all intellectual property rights in the Production Cost Reports, including in bespoke reports developed on demand. That being the case, all bespoke reports developed are included in Production Cost Reports library, to be sold at Intratec website.

Customers interested in having bespoke reports with exclusivity must contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bespoke reports are usually delivered 15 business days after payment confirmation. You can check specifically the delivery time of the bespoke report during the purchase, in the step “ Delivery”