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As a global e-commerce business which highly values transparency, Intratec provides plenty information about all its offerings in its website: thorough descriptions an brochures, full samples, previews, and methodologies adopted.

Nevertheless, we understand our customers may have specific questions, and we developed a standardized method of answering them, which involves communicating only in written form. Written communication leaves less room for misunderstandings and ensures a transparent and auditable relationship between our team and the customer. So, in this context, we do not provide support via telephone.

But rest assured that we have a rich, search-friendly Help Center, as well a dedicated team able to support you via Chat or answer or questions sent via Contact Form

For more details on Intratec Customer Communication Policy, please visit:

Please keep in mind that Intratec is a global e-commerce business and, as such, our policy is to communicate with customers only in written form (

If you want a more dynamic contact with our team, we encourage you to use our Chat, available from 7am to 5pm (Houston Time Zone) – we will be glad to help you!

Also, please keep in mind that you can schedule a contact via chat, in a time of your convenience. Just fill the form above, selecting the topic of your interest and scheduling the chat according to your convenience.

Kindly note that anyone interested in Intratec online databases and reports has access to a variety of free samples and previews.

For instance, we provide a full sample – the Crude Oil Price Chart – where you can check all pricing data available for this commodity and try all our Commodity Price Database features. In addition, we offer 3-years historical series as extended samples of our pricing data for every commodity in our database (you must register to check these extended samples.)

That being the case, we do not offer free trials; we believe that those who are interested in Intratec reports and subscriptions are able to decide whether to purchase or not by checking the available free samples.

Great! As a registered user, you can easily access lots of free samples available at Intratec’s User Area, by following the steps below:

  1. Login at with your email and password
  2. Once logged on, click on "Go to User Area" on the top menu
  3. In the User Area, on the menu option “Your Products”, click on the item of your interest to access free samples available.

For accessing and using Intratec online databases, please use Google Chrome and Firefox for optimal experience - kindly note that Internet Explorer is not supported.

Also, please keep in mind that Javascript is required to navigate Intratec website and to use most features in the user area. So please make sure Javascript is enabled.

Each user account on our website have a concurrent/simultaneous login limit. Once you login to our website in one computer or browser you will only be able to log in using this same account in another computer or browser after logging out.

If you leave our website and do not log out from your account, it will be automatically logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

If you get this message and cannot access the computer where you were previously logged in you should wait for a maximum of 30 minutes and then retry to log in at

If you've forgotten your password, please select the 'Log In' link located on the top menu of any page, a pop-up login form will show up, then you should click on the "Forgot you Password" link. You will be prompted to inform the email address of your account, after clicking on the submit button you will receive a verification code via email. Follow the instructions in this email to reset your password.


In a nutshell, our business is about providing up-to-date and independent analyses examining production processes, as well as critical data surrounding industry-related markets. So we offer:

  • Production Cost Reports. Professional, easy-to-understand reports examining the production of chemicals. Each one of those studies describes an industrial plant, including main process units and site infrastructure, and presents an independent analysis of capital and operating costs. Reports may be acquired individually, at Intratec store, or through a subscription plan.
  • Indexes & Pricing Data. Online databases, covering prices/costs of commodities and utilities across several countries, as well as plant cost indexes. Available in subscriptions

Intratec Production Cost Reports are the best-in-class studies examining production process. Each report describes an industrial plant, including main process units and site infrastructure, and presents an independent analysis of capital and operating costs. All reports are based on the most recent economic data available.

Reports may be acquired individually, at Intratec store, or through a subscription plan.

You can check plenty of information about each Production Cost Report - table of contents, preview, main references - in the respective report page.

It is important to highlight that all Intratec Production Cost Reports are developed according to the same methodology, and share the same structure (table of contents) and depth of content. In this context, we highly encourage you to check the full report sample, available for free in Intratec's User Area - this sample clearly demonstrates the type of information you will get from a Production Cost Report!

Finally, you may also check Intratec's report development methodology, developed along more than a decade of supporting companies worldwide in the analysis of chemical markets and production processes economics.

Intratec Indexes & Pricing data are online databases covering critical data surrounding industry-related markets. Currently, you can subscribe to access three online databases, as follows:

  • Chemicals Pricing Data. Online database of monthly prices of commodity chemicals, across several countries from main world regions. It presents historical prices since 2007. Short-term price forecasts are also available for selected chemicals. For more information, plans and pricing, hoover the mouse over 'Products' (top menu) and click on 'Chemicals Pricing Data'.
  • Utilities Cost Data. Online database of the historical costs of producing process engineering utilities, in several countries across the world. The cost data presented in our database represent operating costs of utility generation facilities, typically used to supply utilities to large-scale chemical production plants. For more information, plans and pricing, hoover the mouse over 'Products' (top menu) and click on 'Utilities Cost Data'.
  • Plant Construction Cost Indexes. Based on a robust methodology refined over several years, which involves constantly gathering and processing a huge amount of data from several countries, Intratec has created unique, specific indexes for estimating construction costs of chemical plants. Our Plant Cost Indexes enable scaling plants capital costs from one time period to another, in more than 16 countries. Our Location Factors simplify the conversion of known capital costs of plants located in the US to 15 other countries. For more information, plans and pricing, hoover the mouse over 'Products' (top menu) and click on 'Plant Construction Cost Indexes'.

Yes! Anyone interested in Intratec reports and data at Intratec website and access a host of free content, including:

  • Pricing Data of 218 Chemicals Around the World
  • Cost Data of 9 Utilities, in Several Countries
  • Reports Detailing Processes and Costs of Production
  • Tools for Assessing Costs of Plants Worldwide

This is happening because you did not comply with our Costumer Communication Policy.

Please keep in mind that Intratec business is about offering professional reports and data at very cost-effective rates, through an online, robust sales platform able to attend customers from across the globe. For that end, plenty of information is presented at Intratec website about each item offered, including descriptions, free samples, table of contents, etc. We accept a range of payment methods.

We understand that, naturally, some customers may have specific doubts about Intratec offerings, or requests before executing a purchase. For attending such customers we have a dedicated sales team, able to answer questions through email or chat.

It is worth to highlight, however, that extensive emails exchange, unproductive chat contacts and even bureaucratic purchases can completely erode Intratec profitability. So, while we cherish mutual respect and transparency when dealing with our customers, Intratec reserves the right to not provide pre-sales support to any person exhibiting a conduct which is unreasonable and/or unacceptable, making a mutually profitable partnerships impossible.

Such unreasonable and/or unacceptable conduct may be characterized by any of the following:

  • Requests for Intratec reports and/or data, in whole or in part, for free
  • Requests for additional discounts, other than stipulated by Intratec's discount policy
  • Requests for receiving Intratec reports and/or data, in whole or in part, before the delivery date
  • Extensive, excessively bureaucratic supplier registration processes
  • Extensive emails exchange, with redundant and/or repetitive questions, or even questions clearly answered in Intratec's website
  • Disrespectful emails/chat contacts

We count on our customers comprehension.