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Purchased Reports

You can easily access purchased reports in Intratec’s User Area, by following the steps below:

  1. Login at with your email and password (top-menu)
  2. Once logged on, you must click on "Go to User Area" (top-menu)
  3. In the User Area, on the menu option “Your Products”, click on “Production Cost Reports”
  4. Select your report in the drop-down 'Select a Report of Interest', then click on the 'Download' or 'View' links of the report you wish to access.

Finally, please note that only Extended or Advanced versions of reports can be downloaded. Basic versions of reports are available only as online PDFs

That is because you purchased the basic version of a reports.  Please note that only extended or advanced versions of reports are delivered as downloadable PDF file.

Kindly note that only purchasers of advanced versions of reports who also ordered this extra feature during check out - delivery as printable PDF file - can print the reports purchased. This extra feature costs additional USD 399 (per report).

Please keep in mind that, by default, basic versions of reports are delivered as online PDFs, while extended and advanced versions are delivered as downloadable, non-printable PDF files.

Yes, you can. The best way for keeping the access to all reports and extra analyses purchased individually is to subscribe to our Production Cost Reports.

More than keeping access to reports and extra analyses purchased individually, with a subscription you will receive 3 new, updated reports every month along 12 months, according to the Reports Delivery Schedule. Our subscription plans are in fact our most valued offer, through which you acquire reports for just a fraction of the cost!

Your access to the reports and extra analyses will last as long as your subscription is active.

We highly encourage you to check our Production Cost Reports Subscrition.

Purchasers of advanced versions are entitled to a Premium Support, to clear technical questions about the report content. The terms of this support package can be found below:

  • Responses provided exclusively via Email
  • Responses provided by Intratec premium support team in 2 business days
  • Available for 45 days after report delivery
  • Support limited to 4 man-hours from Intratec Experts (equivalent to 6 specific questions about the report ordered)