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What are the changes in Commodity Price Database?

Basically, the main changes for Commodity Price Database subscribers are related to where they access some specific data, according to the industry. With this change, in many cases subscribers will actually gain access to more price data, for free.

The table below summarizes main changes, per industry.





Prices of 76 Commodities in "Petrochemicals"

Prices of 85 Commodities in "Petrochemicals"

Plastics & Polymers

Prices of 32 Commodities in "Plastics & Polymers"

Prices of 32 Commodities in "Polymers & Recyclables”

Inorganic Chemicals

Prices of 40 Commodities in "Inorganic Chemicals"

Prices of 40 Commodities in "Inorganics"

Fertilizers & Food


Prices of 36 Commodities in "Fertilizers & Food"                  

Prices of 38 Commodities: 24 in "Fertilizers & Gases" ; 14 in "Nutrition & Renewables"

Oil, Gas & Derivatives        



Prices of 20 Commodities in "Oil, Gas & Derivatives"



Prices of 97 Commodities: 12 in Energy Price Monitor*; 85 in "Petrochemicals"

 (*) Energy Price Monitor is a new database