Frequently Asked Questions

About Bespoke Reports

Intratec Production Cost Reports are the best-in-class professional studies examining production processes, with up-to-date analysis of capital and operating costs. A bespoke report, basically, is a Production Cost Report developed on demand, focused on a production process a customer is interested in.

By requesting a bespoke report, you will have an in-depth, comprehensive techno-economic analysis of the production technology of your interest, including:

  • Process Description: raw materials and utilities consumption, products generation, labor requirements, list of equipment, characterization of site infrastructure, process flow diagram (PFD).
  • Capital Cost Analysis: costs of plant construction, working capital, owners' costs, commissioning, start-up and contingency.
  • Operating Cost Analysis: variable costs, fixed costs (salary, benefits & maintenance) and corporate overhead costs.
  • And much more...

Requesting a bespoke Production Cost Report is very convenient and straightforward, with no meetings or phone calls whatsoever.

You need first to submit a request for quotation, by following the steps above. After you submit your request, within 2 business days you will receive an email from Intratec with the definitive quotation for developing the bespoke report, the development time required and further instructions for concluding the purchase of the report, if you wish.

Upon purchase of the bespoke report, Intratec experts promptly start its development. The report is developed remotely by Intratec team. Once the report is ready, it is made available either for online access or for download in a private area at Intratec website.

Besides identifying the process to be examined, customers can choose one among three options for the scope of a bespoke report, related to the depth of the analyses presented in the report: the basic, extended and advanced scope.

The basic scope includes a description of an industrial plant (main process units and site infrastructure) and an independent analysis of capital and operating costs. For those needing more in-depth, comprehensive analyses, Intratec offers the extended and the advanced scope options.

The extended scope includes everything of the basic scope plus an extra appendix, in which it is presented the following analyses: Economics of Different Capacities; Utilities Consumption Breakdown; Construction Implementation Schedule.

Finally, the advanced scope includes everything of the extended scope plus another extra appendix, in which it is presented: Process Unit Cost Breakdown per Equipment; Infrastructure Cost Breakdown per Equipment; Plant Construction Cost Breakdown per Discipline; Process Flow Diagrams.

Bespoke reports, like all Intratec Production Cost Reports, are based on extensive, in-depth bibliographical researchs targeting information about industrial processes drawn from public sources, including patents, encyclopedias, text books, technical papers and non-confidential information disclosed by licensors, duly reviewed by Intratec.

After this bibliographical research, the report is developed according to a consistent methodology, distilled from the expertise gained supporting companies worldwide in the analysis of chemical markets and process economics, over more than 15 years.

Our methodology ensures that our reports are reliable, structured, and continuously tested and proven by the many corporations, R&D centers, EPC companies, financial institutions and government agencies that rely on those reports.

We highly encourage you to check our Report Development Methodology.

The preliminary budget is an estimated price for developing the bespoke report, calculated based on the process to be examined and the scope of the new report. Once you submit your request for quotation, the budget for the bespoke report may be reviewed by Intratec according to: the accuracy of the information provided about the process, process complexity, availability of information about the process, etc.

When requesting the quote, the customer can already see an estimated timeframe for developing the bespoke report, calculated according to the information provided about the process and the report scope selected.

The actual delivery time is informed in the definitive quotation, sent by Intratec within 2 business days after the customer submits the request for quotation.

Intratec bespoke reports can be delivered in three formats: as online PDFs; as downloadable, non-printable PDFs; and as downloadable, printable PDFs. The delivery format is according to the bespoke report requested, as follows: reports with basic scope are delivered as online PDFs, reports with extended scope are delivered as downloadable, non-printable PDFs and reports with advanced scope are delivered as downloadable, printable PDFs.

Customers interested in having questions answered must order bespoke reports with advanced scope, which includes Technical Support via email. The support provided refers exclusively to the content of the report purchased. Responses are provided in 3 business days.

Please keep in mind that significant portions of our reports are intended to fully explain concepts/assumptions utilized throughout the study; thus, the content of all chapters/appendixes often reference one another.

That being the case, Intratec does not sell report excerpts.

Intratec retains all intellectual property rights in the Production Cost Reports, including in bespoke reports developed on demand. That being the case, all bespoke reports developed are included in Production Cost Reports library, to be sold at Intratec website.

Customers interested in having bespoke reports with exclusivity must contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.