Frequently Asked Questions

I need a Proforma Invoice/Purchase Order. How should I proceed?

A Proforma Invoice/Purchase Order is a document that declares Intratec’s commitment to provide the products specified to the buyer at certain prices.

In order to request a proforma invoice, you should contact our sales team through the contact form available at It is important that you provide us with the following information: Company Name, Billing Contact Information (name and email) , Billing Address, the production cost reports you wish to purchase (you should also mention if you need any optional features, the type of license you would like to acquire, Country or Enterprise License, and if you are interested in technical support).

Finally, kindly note that Intratec offers a robust platform for conducting online (through Intratec website) purchases of Intratec reports and data subscritions. Therefore, as offline sales of any report/data demands additional time/resources from our sales team, a fixed service fee of USD 199 is charged for processing specific requirements.Such service fee for offline sales is waived in purchases above USD 6,000.