Frequently Asked Questions

Commodity Price Indexes

Kindly note that anyone interested in our Industry Price Indexes has access to a variety of free samples. For every index in our database, we offer a 24-month historical series as an example.

We do not offer free trial subscription plans; we believe that those who are interested in Industry Price Indexes are able to decide whether to subscribe by checking the available free samples.

Intratec's Industry Price Indexes enable adjust commodities prices of several Industries sectors from one time period to another, in several world regions.

To update the price of a commodity from Period A to Period B, in a given region, you just have to multiply period A's commodity price by the ratio of period B's index over period A's index in that region, as expressed in the equation below:

Commodity Price at B = Commodity Price at A * (Commodity Index at B) / (Commodity Index at A).

Yes! Intratec offers online, multifunctional databases of commodities prices in several countries, including historical series and forecasts

Prices are presented in a user-friendly graphing tool, which provides a range of functionalities: configuration of prices series over user-defined time periods; comparison of product movements across countries; customization of price currencies and units; download of prices as Excel files to be used offline.

Intratec's price databases are available in subscriptions , starting at 249 per year.

All indexes presented are refreshed on a monthly basis, as new information is obtained. However, it is important to highlight that the frequency which specific regional data is actually updated depends on how often official sources from countries from those regions report that data.

In this context, by the end of each month ― typically in the second or third week ― the Intratec team updates Industry Price Indexes.

Each index is a transaction volume-weighted average of major commodities prices over time, related to the respective sector (plastics, rubbers, inorganic chemicals, fertilizers and petrochemicals). For instance, a Petrochemical Price Index presented for a given region is calculated from prices of major petrochemicals in countries belonging to that region.

The price data used by Intratec for calculating the indexes, in turn, is from Intratec's online, multifunctional databases, which are also available in subscriptions .