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Sulfuric Acid Manufacture From Sulfur

Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) is among the most important industrial chemicals, with large-scale uses in several industry sectors, such as basic chemicals, fertilizers, petroleum refining, metals, explosives, detergents and plastics. H2SO4 is broadly used in different concentrations and grades. Major applications include its use as a dehydrating agent, catalyst, reactant in chemical processes, solvent and absorbent.

Technology Description

The following figure describes a double-contact process for sulfuric acid production in which elemental sulfur is the source of sulfur dioxide (SO2). SO2 can also be obtained from several sulfur-bearing raw materials, including spent H2SO4 and smelter off-gases.

Sulfuric Acid Manufacture Technology - Process Flow Diagram

Sulfur Burning

Elemental sulfur (in molten form) and dried air are fed into a combustion furnace ...

Double-Contact Process

In the SO2 converter, SO2 is oxidized to SO3 in ...

The oxidation product is sent to the final ...

Sulfuric Acid Production Pathways

The double-contact process is currently the most widely employed ...

Economic Performance

The process described here was considered in an economic assessment targeting ...

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