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Carbon Fiber Manufacture from Petroleum Pitch

Carbon fibers (CF) are defined as fibers containing at least 90% carbon by weight, ob tained by pyrolysis of an appropriate precursor fiber. Their properties, such as high stiffness, large tensile strength, good chemical resistance, light weight, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion, make them suitable for a range of applications including aerospace and sporting goods. Carbon fibers are also used for chemical protective clothing, electromagnetic shielding and as fireretardant nonwoven materials.

The main precursor fibers used to manufacture carbon fibers are polyacrylonitrile (PAN), petroleum/coal pitch and synthetic cellulosic fibers (for example, rayon). The precursor material for CF is of major importance because it dictates the fiber properties, as well as how the fiber behaves mechanically, physically and chemically. In fact, a wide diversity of fibers, having different specifications, can be obtained from different raw materials and different production processes.

Technology Description

The figure below presents a simplified flow diagram of a high-modulus carbon fiber manufacturing process from petroleum pitch.

Carbon Fiber Manufacture Technology - Process Flow Diagram

Pitch treatment and spinning

The first step in the production of pitchbased carbon fiber is pitch treatment ...

Stabilization, carbonization and graphitization

The thermoplastic pitch fiber thus obtained is oxidized into ...

Surface treatment and sizing

The carbon fibers are submitted to anodic oxidation ...

Economic Performance

The direct process costs associated with the ...

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