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In this page you will find free data about Ammonia, including:

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This page presents brief synopsis of Ammonia production technology, describing, in a concise way, relevant technical and economic aspects. Each manufacturing process description will consist of:

  • Major process steps
  • Simplified, schematic flow diagram & key equipment
  • Important safety or environmental considerations
  • Economic perspective, comprising capital expenditures and/or operating expenses

Ammonia Manufacture from Natural Gas

Ammonia (NH3) is one of the largest synthetic chemicals, produced basically by the reaction between nitrogen and hydrogen, in a 1:3 stoichiometric ratio. This world class commodity is used in a myriad of applications, from fertilizers to wood pulping and drugs.

Technology Description

The process described in the following paragraphs is similar to the KBR Purifier process, in which ammonia is produced from natural gas via steam reforming. The figure below presents a simplified flow diagram of this process.

Ammonia Manufacture Technology - Process Flow Diagram

Natural-gas steam reforming

After being compressed and desulfurized, the natural gas is mixed with steam ...

Raw syngas purification

The outlet from the ATR is fed to a two-stage, high- and low-temperature reactor, where the bulk of the CO is converted ...

Ammonia synthesis

The outlet from the ATR is fed to a two-stage high and low temperature reactors, where the bulk of the carbon monoxide is ...

Ammonia production pathways

Since it was developed by Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch ...

Economic Performance

The operating variable costs (raw materials and net utilities cost) estimated for a facility producing ...

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