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Aluminum Chloride Manufacture from Aluminum Metal and Chlorine

Aluminum chloride (AlCl among the most widely used Lewis acids in industry, and is also one of the most powerful. The compound is employed as a catalyst in the manufacture of a multitude of organic chemicals produced by several different reaction mechanisms, including isomerization, alkylation and polymerization.

The main applications of AlCl3 are in the production of ethylbenzene and dyes. AlCl3 catalyzes the ethylation of benzene with ethylene to yield ethylbenzene, which, in turn, is used in the production of styrene. In the dyestuffs industry, AlCl3 is used as a catalyst in the production of anthraquinone and its derivatives, as well as in the production of pigments.

Technology Description

This simplified process flow diagram depicts a conventional process for anhydrous Aluminum Chloride (AlCl3) production from aluminum metal and chlorine.

Aluminum Chloride Manufacture Technology - Process Flow Diagram


The reaction takes place in ...

The AlCl3 vapor from the reactors ...

Crushing and sizing

AlCl3 crystals from ...


The condensing, crushing and sizing operations, ...

Aluminum Chloride Pathways

Initially, aluminum chloride was produced ...

Economic Performance

The total capital investment estimated to ...

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