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Acetic Acid Manufacture from Methanol

Acetic Acid (aka. Ethanoic Acid) is a carboxylic acid found in dilute solutions in plant and animal systems. This chemical is widely used in organic processes, primarily in the production of vinyl acetate monomer and acetic anhydride.

Technology Description

The following paragraphs describe a process for Acetic Acid production from methanol and carbon monoxide, based on rhodium-catalyzed carbonylation. The figure below presents a simplified flow diagram of the process.

Acetic Acid Manufacture Technology - Process Flow Diagram

Catalyst Preparation

Initially, recycled rhodium catalyst is treated to recover the ...


The reactor is fed with methanol, recycle streams, the catalyst solution and carbon ...

Liquid product is drawn off from the reactor at a rate sufficient to maintain a constant ...


In the Crude Acetic Acid Column, a gaseous stream from the overhead, containing water ...

In the Drying Column, water, methyl iodide and methyl acetate are removed ...

The Acetic Acid stream is finally passed through ion exchange resin ...

Acetic Acid production pathways

The most important production routes for Acetic Acid nowadays are based on methanol ...

Economic Performance

The total operating cost (raw materials, utilities, fixed costs and depreciation costs) estimated to produce acetic acid is ...

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