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Stearic Acid
Stearic Acid Prices
C18 chain concentrations varying between 58% and 93%.
Stearic acid is used mainly as food additive; surfactant agent; lubricity additive; paper sizing ingredient; plastic processing lubrificant; vulcanization activator; and in candles.
2-ethylhexyl stearate; ethyl stearate; glycerol monostearate; guanidine stearate; hexamethylenebis(stearamide); isobutyl stearate; isooctyl stearate; isopropyl stearate; isotridecyl stearate; dibasic lead stearate; neutral lead stearate; polyethylene glycol monostearate; polyglycerol fatty esters; potassium stearate; propylene glycol monostearate; sodium stearate; sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate; sorbitan monostearate; sorbitan tristearate; stearamide; stearamidopropyldimethylamine; stearic acid diethanolamide; stearic acid fish amide; monoethanolamide stearic acid; stearic anhydride; N-stearoyl-p-aminophenol; stearoyl chloride; stearyl alcohol; stearylamine; stearyl imidazoline; stearyl stearate; tristearin; and zinc stearate.
  • Tallow acid (coproduced with oleic acid)
  • Palm oil (hydrolysis)
Stearic Acid (a.k.a. Octadecanoic Acid) is a saturated long-chain fatty acid and appears as a white solid with mild odor. It is a component of shea and cocoa butters. It has a polar head group and a long non-polar chain which allows it to be used as surfactant and softening agent.
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Stearic Acid Prices

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